How can I find staffing and recruiting companies in China?

Hello all,

How can I find staffing and recruiting companies in China? Is there a source to find this list/information?

I have tried LinkedIn but I can't find a suitable number of Chinese staffing companies.

Could anyone help me find the source of this information?

Kind Regards,

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Job portals in China similar to Monster are 51Job, Zhaopin, VeryEast, ChinaHR and 61HR_CN.


If you need general recruitment services, then you should look at large job portals such as and ; if you need staffing services for placements in China, you can check Fesco ( or Sinovantage (


Is in China? They might be a good place to start. Not sure if I am understanding your question right, but hope that helps.

Hi Kevin, Thanks for your answer. I am trying to find companies in China which are similar to


You would find them by asking your agent who helped you for making the registration of your company..,

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