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Anonymous User

Hi, how can I drive traffic to our website to increase sales of our new product?

We have a new product that has won awards and we want to maximise traffic, get it to #1 on google

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Hi Carmel,

I've been to your site, and it looks like you have an innovative and very useful new product. However, one of the biggest factors relative to your potential marketing is that yours appears to be a NEW CLASS OF PRODUCT. So, even if it were possible to get to #1 on Google, that might not help much if no one is Googling for this product simply because they don't know that such a product exists! (I for one did not.)

If I were you, I would be advertising regularly in the key hardware store trade publications in the geographic markets you serve. I would also be directing PR to those and other related homeowner publications.

Your type of product might also be a good candidate for late-night, infomercial-type TV advertising.

Bottom line, you can't expect people to Google for you or come swarming to your site if they don't know the type of product you provide even exists. Informing your audience about that needs to be Job One.

Al Shultz


You need to define your target market and then choose the right tools. Not every product needs social media but if your market is on these sights, then make sure your message is beneficial and consistent. Testimonials do very well on social media. In regards to other media, make sure your website is easy to navigate and your search is located in the top right corner. Don't over design your website. Clean and easy use is more important. Banners are great if they are targeted and not all messaging works in all mediums so make sure the message fits the medium. Having articles placed on related sights is a great way to get people to your site without sounding too much like a sales pitch.


Hi Carmel,

I am going to take another approach to this. The website you are inquiring about is it this one http://www.binstrap.ie?

When you are looking at getting to the #1 page of Google you have to look at different factors:

1) You foundation which is your website. Have you SEO'd it correctly? H1, H2 headers alt tagged properly, are your images named properly, do you have the write keywords in your content on your site...etc First make sure your have SEO your site properly

2) What is your content marketing strategy? Google and most search engines now look at engagement to your website, social sites and content. Do you have a content strategy in place?

3) Social Media sites. Are you building a community and engaging with them?

4) Grass root marketing- Are you going to local events, meetings, talking to people, sending out post cards, fliers...etc

Not knowing your product we are referring too, these are my recommendations to get started with.

I hope that helps and I wish you success with your business.



Congratulations on your award. There is no easy way to get to the top of Google, other than spending a great deal of money on SEO. Have you thought of making a video of your product, making it unique, with a catchy title and then posting it on YouTube, so that you get lots of comments on in. Since YouTube is owned by Google, it should help with your ranking. Also post the video on the home page of your website and that will help your ranking also. You could also blog about your product, and if it is of interest to enough people you will start to get comments and link backs. Good luck.



If you have an award winning product, reputation marketing is the smart way to bring attention to it by leveraging existing customers, and like minded consumers eager to tell the world (proudly) they're associated with an award winning product.

If you're interested in learning more about reputation marketing, not the same thing as reputation management or monitoring...

... take a look at the following training presentation on my companies website;


Feel free to ask us to tailor it to your niche, specifically towards your product and present it to you (webex) should you be interested in what you see.

Hope this helps...


In many municipalities, specific models of recycling and garbage bins are provided solely by city sanitation facilities, because they are part of automating the garbage and recycling material collection process. Here in Charlotte, NC, we use two bins per household.

You may have some luck selling binstraps in mass to similar municipal waste collection agencies, without ever worrying much about SEO, social media, etc. But a good website video demonstrating how the thing works, and how it keeps varmints out of waste bins, would be helpful.

However, such straps cannot be used while the bins are at the street, awaiting pickup, unless they will automatically release when the bin is picked up and upended into a collection truck.

We have racoons, deer, and stray dogs in our neighborhood, so I'd love to have a strap like this to keep the critters out. It would have to work even if the container is knocked over. It would also have to outsmart the racoons... They are notoriously clever animals. At the same time, it needs to be easy for the elderly to put on and release.

All of this could be shown on the web in a video, linked to your business cards and print ads via QR codes, etc. You probably need about eight layers of cross-linked media approaches to get this thing sold.


A QR Code would be helpful! I own a QR Code Advertising Agency called QR Code Home. I will be more then happy to assist you in creating a Designed QR Code for your company. See more at www.qrcodehome.net. I worked for small local companies to large corporations like burger king. Please personal message me anytime.



The Binstrap is ready for special areas in the world where people are sensitive to what is seen in the video.

i.e Washington State, Oregon, Big cities.

Thinking more about:
Governments and city agencies
Hardware stores
And... any city or region where there are legal issues regarding careless garbage.
Garbage can manufacturers i.e. http://www.otto-usa.com/about.html
We have to be concerned that such a large company will say "hey, why didn't we think of that?" :)

To go big, I am not convinced that the final destination for creating more sales is via your website. It may be instead a more targeted focus to specific businesses who would retail it.

Ranking on search engines
It may not matter much because the product you offer is unique and people don't know exactly what to search for.

People ARE searching for :"garbage can to keep dogs out".
Which in essence you are providing a solution for.,

In other words, we have come to another reason "why" to use the product that people are looking for.

Getting ranked in Google... sometimes easy, sometimes difficult.
The search engines do like blogs. Write articles which talk about all the things people would search. the blogs can include images and/or video.

Search engines will decide if your website is worth sharing at #1 if it is the authority ---- who points to your site and how many? Links of course are part of the puzzle. Press release, video, social sharing, and more.

Videos... I like
A video which shows how a dog just can't get into your garbage can (which is full of fine steak), no matter how much effort they put into it... is both clever and informative. Dogs teaming up to get in, etc.

Create a story, tell the story in a way to make a point and entertain.

Here is a story about a deaf kid who was told he couldn't do it and is going to the Super Bowl.

"Being deaf made me who I am" says Seattle Seahawk Derrick Coleman [video]

It inspires and makes a point. It has been watched 10 million times. Shared by many.

Social traffic comes not from how many people you reach out to but instead comes from how great the stories are that you tell and how you tell them. Then the power of the click is in the hands of the world.

These Hand Dancers did what they loved:

And the video has been seen almost 10 million times.
It not have high impact on their website traffic but large companies called them to say "We want you".

You can collaborate with companies and/or publishers who have online events. Webinars are good. Retail industry webinar events would be one. When you sponsor such an event, you participate and receive the emails. You can then reach out via email to invite them to your site/product.

So this is where we get a white board, a magic pen, and people around the table to gather the ideas.

Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Random thoughts. Hope they help.


Anonymous User


You question makes me a bit nervous because there is no easy way to increase your Google rank.

First and foremost no one can guarantee number one ranking on Google, not even Google programmers. They explained this on their forum here: http://tinyurl.com/kjbvatg . So if a company does actually guarantee it run or hang up the phone as soon as you can. They will either take your money and not deliver what they promise or worse use black hat methods and ruin your website.

The fastest way to increase traffic is pay per click (PPC) ads. Depending on the product this can be expensive you will have to watch your conversion rate to ensure it is worth what you are spending.

To improve your site ranking you can right blog posts, create videos, etc and make sure they appear on your site. Good old fashion referral do not hurt either. If you have a product that people reorder this is easy because you can offer a percentage off for each referral.

Mostly, just be careful when it come to SEO there are a lot of good companies out there that can get you results but if you do go that route remember there are a lot that do not. A good way to find out if you are going to get your monies worth is to ask them what their hourly rate is. Most will not because they have nice little packages to choose from. The good ones will!

Best of luck!


Goodness...that's a major open ended question. People can write 500 page books on this. But overall, you need exposure, PR, and social awareness. Here are a few great SEO reads that should give you some perspective:




Authoritative links pointing to your site and placement on niches websites related to your product is best. So performing advanced operators in Google, finding great websites, and building relationships with the websites are great ways to build more exposure.

Also, paid search (Adwords) brings traffic faster, but you gotta pay for it. If your product is selling for a decent price point, it my be worth testing with PPC.

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