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How can an American citizen (me) start a legal business with my friend (from India) together in India?

I'm trying to start a business with my friend. I am from America and he is from India. I came to India on a 10-year Tourist Visa 2 months ago and met someone that I enjoy friendship with. We have similar ideas and goals for a business. We have discussed the idea extensively and after spending some time together, we would like to take the next steps in creating a legal business in India together. Because I have done many businesses in America, I know the first steps, after a solid plan, is signing a contract with my business partner, registering the business with the government, and then setting up legal, accounting, etc. Since I'm from America, I need help in starting a legal business in India with my friend. Can you or anyone help me with this process from start to finish, please?

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You can do all the necessary requirements like registering your business and if needed, purchase a land for it.
The other thing you can do to be a legal owner of your business is register your business through your Indian partner and then make the business public.
Afterward, you can register yourself as one of the shareholders of the business owning up to 50% of the shares along with your partner.
I run an essay writing service in the United Kingdom so I have a couple of ideas regarding how business partners should work.
You can have a discussion with other people whom you trust before taking my advice.

Christopher Charles

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