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Anonymous User

How can I approach niche clients who are interested in inbound call center and chat support services?

We are a multinational startup company located in United Kingdom specializing in BPO services. Our operations span the globe with clients in the US and UK and to our operations center located in Egypt. We are seeking inbound call center clients to be part of our company, how can I approach new clients across the globe for only inbound call center and chat support services?

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Cold email works pretty well as long as you study your prospect well and send a customized pitch. Sending the same pitch to everybody doesn't work. Your pitch should explain why your service is perfect for their unique situation.


To get inbound projects for every call center service provider is a dream that is difficult to achieve especially nowadays because there is a lot of competition and less number of clients available. The simple approach is that if you can't reach clients than make your business available to clients so they can approach you. The only way of that is promoting your business in Google and achieve top rankings for your business website. Best of Luck. Cheers.

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