What can I do to get more followers to my business pages on social media?

Hi everyone, I want to know the right way of expanding the followers to my business pages. Especially, LinkedIn and Twitter. It is almost one year since I created my business page on LinkedIn and Twitter and I have very few people following on either platform...

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You could try to put something that would stand out. Kinda like youtube, people will end up finding you and liking your stuff. You may have a few haters here and there but just remember just believe and you will get more followers. I hope this advice works for you. If it doesn't I'll try to fix it. :)


Regular posts. Some industries have been found to have better times to post than others. Do a quick bit of research to see if that's the case for you. Cross post once in a while (e.g. on Twitter, ask if they've checked out your LI or FB page lately).

Vary your posts. They can't all be "come do business with us" or day after day a list of motivational quotes. I help some in the real estate industry and agents are often guilty of only posting just listed and just sold information about their properties. Who wants to see that in their social media feeds all the time? Very few, which is why the person will have 83 followers when we first speak.

Be sure your website has the shortcut social media icons to link to your social media pages on every page. And that these are, preferably, above the fold, i.e. above the point where people have to page down on the screen.

Make sure your social media links are on everything--your business cards; EMAIL SIGNATURES for EVERYONE in your business; on hold and/or voice mail message for your business; collateral materials; your blog; all social media sites, etc.

Get creative with your posts. Not sure what type of business you have to give specific suggestions, but you could have a contest to get to X number of Facebook or Twitter followers. You could host Trivia contests with small prizes--something you do every week so people know to tune in, like #TriviaTuesday.

Try to ask leading questions to get more engagement as well--this tends to get more interest and has you rank better within some social media sites and search engines. I've seen professionals post things like two completely re-landscaped yards and get feedback on which followers like better (or redesigned kitchens, bathrooms, etc.) Sometimes people ask completely fun, personal questions unrelated to business stuff. After all, you shouldn't be selling all the time. Things like what was the first concert you ever attended? Which sitcom would you like to see back on the air?

Just be sure to acknowledge those who do share. Like the comments. Thank people for contributing, etc.

Make sure your employees have all liked the pages, especially if they have professional social media IDs affiliated with your company. Sounds obvious, but you would be amazed at how often I have run into a company with fewer Facebook business page likes than number of employees! Busted.

These are off the top of my head. I'm sure others will come to me later that I'll regret not including. Hopefully, at least some of these resonate with you as things to try.

TC McClenning

Thank you very much #TC McClenning for your advice.

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