How can I generate free traffic to my website?

How can I generate lots of free traffic to my website? How can I grow the amount of visitors to my website each day?

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If you are looking to grow the amount of visitors each day, I would recommend setting some budget aside for paid promotion. Google Display advertising (you can use text ads or Responsive Ads to minimize design costs) as well as Facebook advertising tend to be the most cost effective in terms of cost-per-click to your website. Within these paid promotions, you could include benefits for sharing with their network which will help to expand your reach.

For non-paid options, blogging and SEO best practices as well as making sure you are utilizing all free options on Google (Google My Business). You can share content you blog about on forums, facebook groups, etc to raise awareness. any content you build to drive traffic should be compelling (when they read it - why should they chose to visit your site).


Remember, that content on your website should be fresh and relevant. People will come back to check if you have published new content.

Engage with social medias, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Create pages of your company on those medias and contact with your current clients regularly. You many need to spend some time figuring out how each platform works but they are proven ways to get free visitors to your website.


I am not sure what you mean by "free traffic" as there is no such thing. Generating traffic (traffic that matters and does not bounce) takes time, money and effort. If you do not understand SEO, then you need to invest in those who can help you. Do you know what prospects who would be interested in your site type in and do you understand keywords. Backlinks to relevant sites are important as well. You have to update content on a regular basis.

Others below have mentioned blogging and Social Media which used hand and hand with driving traffic back to your website. It is best if you have the blog actually on the site.

There is no quick and dirty way to generate traffic quickly that most likely will not get you banned from Google for using blackhat tricks. Today generating traffic is about keywords, SEO / tags, content , and consistency. It takes time and does not happen overnight.

It is more about "quality" traffic as well because if they come and leave (bounce) due to content not being relevant - it wasn't worth having the traffic as Google looks at bounces when it ranks websites as well. If you want traffic quickly, then it will not be free - you will have to invest in Online Advertising whether it be Google Adwords or other Social Media Advertising.


post post post. Take advantage of social media as much as you can. If you don't have the kind of budget that allows you to pay for a campaign, network as much as you possibly can, attend chamber of commerce meetings in your local area, get the word out. have business cards on you at all times, and wherever you are pass them out. If you need help with branding design, Ill be open for new projects on the 9th on January.


Create a fresh clean interesting website and add some of the business directories and try and find relevant links which is harder than finding a liver donor.


Engage social media marketing professional.

There are several time consuming approaches that you can use. To get "free" traffic you have to learn to utilize the social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few. On top of that, you can write useful and engaging blog content. Quality and length of the content is key here. You can also begin to answer people's questions related to your field of expertise on Quora.

The "free" road takes time but if these methods are applied correctly and effectively, you should see an inflow of traffic to your website.

Good luck.


For Free Traffic : Social Media Promotion, submit a Startup, and Local Business Listing ...

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