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How can I generate B2B leads with the help of good content?

I would like to know the strategies of getting B2B leads for my business with the help of good website content.

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Hi Emma,

This is a strategy that many b2b businesses struggle with - capturing leads via content marketing. The key is covering the right topics that alleviate pain points/ answers questions of a bottom of the funnel customer (for many b2b businesses leads are for products that are major purchases/investments. A bottom of the funnel lead is one that is ready to make a purchase that could potentially costs thousands of dollars).

Establishing what these issues and topics are is part of the content process called "Persona Research" essentially breaking down your target market into actual people; allowing you to write content that speaks to their issues.

I've compiled some information of how this process should work here. It was a few years ago - but the fundamentals are the same. https://www.slideshare.net/BuyerZone/buyer-persona-slideshare-final

Please let me know if you have any other questions!



Good website content will function in two ways to generate leads:
1. Capturing users already aware of your brand, seeking more information
2. Capturing leads from users searching similar terms that you publish

IMO, "good content" will provide users:
1. The answer to a problem
2. The answer to a problem, which is really a problem, or something customers are seeking answers to
3. Present the information in a concise manner that is easy to read
4. Makes the reader want to share information by WOM or digitally through social networking
5. Bring a unique perspective to an industry that will make a reader think twice

Good content will be based on keywords that have a high volume of qualified searches. You need to dial in the terms that convert, or generate leads over time... Long tail keywords are good for this as they are more direct and niche typically.

You're looking to put your content in front of people seeking it, so KW research is very important, but so is the experience for the user when they arrive on your site. Bad visuals, no visuals, too many words, too complex or not speaking the language of your target client could make your searchibility useless, so focus on a hybrid of optimized for SERP and vocabulary that speaks to your client.

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