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How can I get more traffic to my website, The Killer Punch?

I have a News website, https://www.thekillerpunch.com but I am not getting much traffic to the website. I have done all I could, but it's still not working. Please help me out. Thanks.

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1. Advertise
This one is so obvious, we’re going to look at it first. Paid search, social media advertising and display advertising are all excellent ways of attracting visitors, building your brand and getting your site in front of people.

2. Get Social
It’s not enough to produce great content and hope that people find it – you have to be proactive. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is to use social media channels to promote your content.

3. Mix It Up
There is no magic formula for content marketing success, despite what some would have you believe. For this reason, vary the length and format of your content to make it as appealing as possible to different kinds of readers.

4. Write Irresistible Headlines
Headlines are one of the most important parts of your content. Without a compelling headline, even the most comprehensive blog post will go unread. Master the art of headline writing.

5. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO
Think SEO is dead? Think again. Optimizing your content for search engines is still a valuable and worthwhile practice.

6. Target Long-Tail Keywords
Got your high commercial intent keyword bases covered? Then it’s time to target long-tail keywords, too.

7. Start Guest Blogging
Before you say it – no, true guest blogging isn’t dead, despite what you may have heard. Securing a guest post on a reputable site can increase blog traffic to your website and help build your brand into the bargain.

8. Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site
Guest blogging is a two-way street. In addition to posting content to other blogs, invite people in your niche to blog on your own site.

9. Go After Referral Traffic
Rather than trying to persuade other sites to link back to you (a tedious and time-intensive process), create content that just begs to be linked to.

10. Post Content to LinkedIn
LinkedIn has become much more than a means of finding another job. The world’s largest professional social network is now a valuable publishing platform in its own right, which means you should be posting content to LinkedIn on a regular basis.

11. Implement Schema Microdata
Implementing schema (or another microdata format) won’t necessarily increase traffic to your website on its own, but it will make it easier for search engine bots to find and index your pages.

12. Link Internally
The strength of your link profile isn’t solely determined by how many sites link back to you – it can also be affected by your internal linking structure.

13. Interview Industry Thought Leaders
Think interviews are only for the big leaguers? You’d be amazed how many people will be willing to talk to you if you just ask them.

14. Don’t Neglect Email Marketing
So many businesses are focused on attracting new customers through content marketing that they forget about more traditional methods.

15. Make Sure Your Site is Responsive
The days when internet browsing was done exclusively on desktop PCs are long gone.

16. Make Sure Your Site is Fast
Ever found yourself waiting thirty seconds for a webpage to load? Me neither. If your site takes forever to load, your bounce rate will be sky high. Make sure that your pages are as technically optimized as possible, including image file sizes, page structure and the functionality of third-party plugins. The faster your site loads, the better.

17. Foster a Sense of Community
People want to speak their minds and weigh in on subjects they feel passionately about, so building a community into your site is a great way to start a conversation and increase traffic to your website.

18. Make Yourself Heard in Comment Sections
You probably visit at least a few sites that are relevant to your business on a regular basis, so why not join the conversation? Commenting doesn’t necessarily provide an immediate boost to referral traffic right away, but making a name for yourself by providing insightful, thought-provoking comments on industry blogs and sites is a great way to get your name out there – which can subsequently result in driving more traffic to your own site.

19. Examine Your Analytics Data
Google Analytics is an invaluable source of data on just about every conceivable aspect of your site, from your most popular pages to visitor demographics.

20. Get Active on Social Media
It’s not enough to just share content through social channels – you need to actively participate in the community, too.

Well, that just about does it for today’s post. If you’ve got your own tips for increasing traffic to your website, I’d love to hear them.

Good luck in promoting your site!
Kyle McCaulley Manager from from BuyEssayClub


The best way to attract traffic is first to optimize your website for users i.e. you need to have unique and relevant page titles for every page and blog, use H1, H2 and H3 tags on every page and blog too. You can go up to H6 if you want to, and these headlines should be topical and appealing to the visitors. Then you need to have original pictures on every page. Try to add around 400 to 500 words in every page and around 900 to 1200 words in a blog. Article writing is a must. At least one blog every month, but try to write once every week. Remember to use the Yoast plugin. All paragraphs should be short i.e. not more than 3 lines in any paragraph. Use bullet lists. Add captions to each video and image. Try to create slides and embed the same too. You need to have your address, phone and company's name at the bottom of each page. Try to insert one photo or video for every 100 words you write. Don't copy content, don't buy or exchange links, and don't engage in keyword stuffing. Don't engage in animating your menus and buttons or adding javascript slides, etc. anywhere. Instead, create an animated or live video and upload or embed the same in every page or blog. Add meta tags and meta descriptions for each page, blog, image, and video. Optimize your tags too. Be aware of the keyword density as it should not exceed 2 to 3 percent. Add internal and external links on every page. Ensure mobile compatibility too. All this will auto optimize your website for search engines and requirements of on-page SEO. You will automatically attract backlinks this way. Now coming to off-page SEO - add your company to bing places and google maps locally. Create a bing and google webmaster account and use the data highlighter tool in google webmasters tools console. Add all of your permalinks in these accounts. Finally create social media business accounts on Youtube, Linkedin company page, Google plus brand account, Facebook business page and Pinterest business account. You need to be active there. In the end, use internet marketing tools like Google AdWords, bing ads, Facebook ads, Youtube marketing and LinkedIn sponsored ads for paid promotion. remember to keep creating new content and sharing the same on your own website and outside on a constant basis. And don't forget, this is not all. One needs to do a lot more through learning from updated techniques on search engine optimization.

Anonymous User

A good business website is like having an extra employee — one who works 24/7 and can be the face of your company, give information, answer queries and even make sales.

1. Perform on-page SEO.
2. Get listed in online directories and review sites.
3. Post on social media with hashtags.
4. Use landing pages.
5. Target long-tail keywords.
6. Start email marketing.
7. Advertise online.
8. Guest blog.
9. Engage online.
10. Learn from your analytics.

These are only some of the many strategies you can use to drive traffic to your website. Getting more website visitors does not happen overnight. It takes hard work and dedication, but I've eliminated the hard part for you: knowing what to do in the first place. Implement a mix of these strategies and you’ll start seeing improvements in your website traffic.

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