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How can I grow my accounting and bookkeeping business on a large scale?

I have been working locally in accounting and bookkeeping, now I want to grow it on long term basis.

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One method is to start building a product funnel. Since you are 1 person, you are limited to the number of clients that you can singularly service. But if you start creating a set of products/services that allows you to service several people at once - you will be able to start increasing your reach.

Some things to consider to increate both your revenue and reach:
1) Start creating ebooks r and regarding Frequently Asked Question regarding accounting/bookkeeping for entrepreneurs and small businesses
2) Offer accounting and bookkeeping seminars, classes, webinars for entrepreneurs and small businesses
3) Offer group accounting counseling for enterpreneurs and small businesses
4) Outline account and bookkeeping processes and tools for entrepreneurs and small businesses

By adding services that you give to "groups" - as well as your one-on-one work, will help increase your business. As you attract new business from the group events, you can then grow in staff numbers as well.

Then you can start creating a Certification Program - for staff members that want to learn your systems and processes --- and become part of your brand. These Certification Programs become another source of revenue - as well as increasing your staff and business success.

Anonymous User

Start off small, you may have already done this but advertise in your circle, friends, family, word of mouth, people underestimate this power. Make sure you have a website, social media and advertise in the Niche areas for your service. Get as many certified and willing professional bodies to include you on their list of approved services, you may have to service one of their clients first. Don't turn down small scale work as this often leads to bigger contracts and provide a professional fast turnaround service where you can be relied upon to sort things quickly. Good luck.


Scaling your firm isn’t always a simple journey. As you invest in new staff, systems, and processes you may have to deal with staff leaving upset clients, unforeseen errors and cash flow issues. But if you can properly manage the scalability and growth, it will help create profits and cashflow growth you could never achieve as a sole trader.

The five steps to creating a scalable business

1-Understand the different activities a scalable business needs to accomplish.

2-Ensure there’s a proven process-driven system in place to deliver these activities.

3-Know the type of person best suited for each role.

4-Select the person with the necessary skills that you trust enough to follow the processes, and delegate the responsibilities for those tasks.

5-Don’t be too concerned if you make mistakes along the way. Just make sure you don’t repeat them.

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