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How can I grow my sales?

I want to start marketing for my products that will help me to make profit quickly and also to expand faster if there is any ideas that makes me do that please advise !

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Anonymous User

Hi Elhussiny,

There is definitely more than one way of doing this. Unfortunately with the level of information you have provided no one can give you a proper feedback.

You need to explain more about your business. What is it that you are providing? is it a product? is it a service? To who? What is your market? What is your vision? Where would you like to be in the next 3 to 5 years? What are your strategic objectives? Who are your competitors? etc.

If you can answer these questions then you will definitely get an answer that is relevant to what you are trying to achieve. If you don't have these information then you might want to assign this exercise to someone who can help you collect the necessary information and help you put together a business plan.

All the best. E

My Work Is Catering Business Home Made Food for employed People who has no time to do that during there week
my vision and where i want to be in the next 3 to 5 years is from the food that i make i can make a big company for food like that serve restaurants,weeding parties,etc
my market is everyone who want to have a home made food instead of ordering fast food
i dont have a strategic objective and if you can advise i will be grateful
and i dont have any competitors so far


Will agree with Alejandro. Nobody, not even one big company who has reached some significant success during the last decades, states that their TA (target audience) is ,literally, almost everybody. You need to define the primary category people you want to sell to and work for achieving this.

Afterwards, when you earn some reputation and let your business grow a bit, the TA may be expanded. Just don't try to sell to everyone, it doesn't work, and it never has.
As soon as you define that niche, the further business, saless and advertising plan will be much easier to build, as well as cheaper and more effectively.


Hi Elhussiny,
Since there are no specific information about your business or products/services, here are some helpful ideas:

You have to have a VISION or PLAN, then EXECUTE your plan, finally TRACK your success.

It’s the time that you work “on” your business, rather than “in” your business. It’s about sitting back and thinking about the stated aims and objectives of your business, what is so unique about you and your business, your target market, and who will be leading the path to growth and profitability.

Business Goals and Objectives: This stage involves thinking about what you are trying to achieve.
Business Uniqueness: Determining what makes your business different from any other companies in your industry.
Target Market: Defining the typical customer you are hoping to draw and retain.

It’s important to develop a road-map that defines a step-by-step action plan for success. You should be able to provide answers to five “Ws” and one “H”: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Once you have answered these specific questions, then you can move forward in finding ways to begin your journey of success. Some ideas may include:

Improving your inventory turnover
Controlling cost of sales
Managing payroll expenses
Exceeding your current customers’ expectations
Establishing a Refer-A-Friend program
Devising a reward system for employees who meet or exceed sales goals
Opening a new location
Introducing a new product or service
Forming a power- partnership with other local businesses to deliver value-added products and services
Expanding to other markets
Designing a winning website to enhance your online presence

Let me know if you'd like me to expand on execution (implementation) and tracking stages as well.


Hi Elhussiny,

As stated by you, your business revolves around catering of homemade foods for employed People who do not have time. This business model has huge growth potential as in the current market dynamics everyone wants to have a homemade food instead of ordering fast food. Therefore, when it comes to marketing your product for making gradual profits and substantial expansion there are some strategies you can adopt:

• The first and the foremost thing to take in to account is that your targeted user base would essentially be local so your strategy should also revolve around the same.

• You can use social media marketing to increase reach of your business. In the current time, it is the most effective strategy that can offer spectacular results.

• The third and the final strategy revolve around creating engaging content that offers ample information about your services and products.

Finally, the service that you would offer to your clients would do the ultimate trick in bringing more business.


First, vision is traditionally nothing more than a mid-term goal, and it will not help you grow, as it has stopped helping millions of businesses around the globe.
You need a purpose. What are you changing, solving or improving and FOR WHOM?
This should give you some direction into a specific target, and your target: "everyone who want to have a home made food" is not a target, is just a lot of people. You need a small niche of actual people with needs and features that are interested in exactly what you are offering. Once you know these things, it will be possible to seek a logical sales channel and strategy, otherwise, you are just pouring your money over a cliff.


Well, I would say in order to make quick profit I would say try taking help from the social media as its the place where you could throw offer and people will listen you over there, you could also try running ad campaigns over the Google Adwords.


I have to chuckle. There are no get rich quick schemes or programs to drive sales and profitability. It takes a comprehensive marketing communications campaign, a lot of hard work and time.

1. Do you have a budget for this campaign?
2. What are your SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based) goals?
3. Who's your target audience and what product(s) do you want to sell to them? Are they in a specific household income, geographic region, etc.? If B2B, are there specific companies you are attempting to reach?
4. Have you identified low hanging fruit and how to gather them?
5. Have you create the content these target audience members need to make decisions?
6. Have you developed your strategy for achieving your goals?

Lastly, growth is great but growth too fast can lead to extinction if your products don't match up to customer expectations and you can't deliver them on a timely basis.

All you have to do is look at Kickstarter and the wearables industry. There are tons of social media complaints about people buying into a product that is never delivered or when it finally arrives doesn't work the way its been described to.

Anonymous User

Hi Elhussiny,

First, you already defined your market it is "employed People who has no time to do that during there week" and "everyone who want to have a home made food instead of ordering fast food"

Therefore, think how to get them.

Couple of ideas from the top of my head:
1) Where is the business area in your town? Maybe you should do a track with your food during the lunch time.
2) Does your city has a food market? Usually there are a market food in a business area with different type food where you could preform.
3) Call HR of SMB companies in your cities agree to bring samples of your food as a lunch for employees maybe with the big discount.
4) Prepare menu and cards that you can give away with your food.
5) Use google ads to target people who already looking for these options.

Let me know if you want to chat about your opportunities more.
Good luck,

I agree here with Ksenia, the shared opportunities if implemented can give feedback about your product. Demos, activation and prospecting could lead trial generation. It will certainly help you to reach to such niche market. You don't require deep pockets for advertising, such focused activities can generate results


According to a Nielson study, in developed countries like US, UK, Japan, France, etc., about one-fourth online shoppers are already shopping on the internet and 55% are willing to do it in near future.

To cater this growing customer base, online buyers are also increasing at a rate year-over-year. And the whole sector is growing at an impressive annual rate of 11%

Also Read more on: http://www.fatbit.com/fab/setting-online-grocery-business-2017-need-know/


There are some basic steps you can take to increase your sales. Here are just a few tips. Email campaigning, Cold calling, Direct contact, Networking, Mail campaigns.

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