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How can I improve my closing ratio in the exterior home improvement market?

We are losing too many potential jobs in the very competitive exterior home improvement field. How can I improve my closing ratio?

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This is a very complicated question. One way to improve your close ratio -- is to make sure you are soliciting to people that are already ready to purchase.

Some ideas for you are:
1) Ask your leads why they went with another company.
If you are losing potential jobs, ask those leads exactly why you lost the job. You have nothing to lose by asking, and you will find out some valuable information that you can possibly correct.
After a few months, reach out to those same clients and ask them how they liked the competitors' service. If they didn't like it - offer them a discount to switch or try your company.
2) Better highlight your differential or niche
In a very competitive market, you have to set yourself apart. What sets your company apart from your competitors? Even though you may do "everything" - focus on one niche to highlight. It could be anything: easy financing, specialty in hedge landscaping, works on Sundays, etc
Once you have a well-defined niche -- create a marketing plan that focuses and attract the right target client associated with that niche.
3) Become the authority on the topic
Do you release regular blog articles, videos, social posts on your industry? Do you provide DIY tips and facts? Are you providing valuable content to your potential consumers that show you are an expert in this field? Sometimes you need to educate the public that there is a problem; they have the problem, and there are ways to fix the problem.

These are just a few ideas. If I had a better idea of your current work processes and marketing stategies, I could recommend some additional steps.

Thanks for your suggestions. I will try to focus in on what niche we can promote as we do many different home improvements. The only thing I can think of that will set us apart from the big box and large Home Improvement companies is the fact we are a small family run business(30 years) with low overhead, that can maintain fair pricing along with good customer service, long after the sale is completed.
Thank you for your input.

Jim Catanzaro

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