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How can I improve my sleep quality?

Guys, I know that sleep affects productivity throughout the day. So, what do you do to sleep better?

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I found a pretty concise list that can help improve your sleep. Here's a list of 14 suggestions:

1. Cut caffeine
2. Limit alcohol
3. Cut nicotine
4. Eat lightly
5. Set a schedule
6. Establish a rhythm
7. Say no to naps
8. Get a workout
9. Put away that tablet/phone before bed
10. Cooler room temperature
11. Keep it quiet
12. Clean the clutter
13. Get up and do something relaxing
14. Try therapy

The above recommendations were taken from this original article:



Absolutely agree, Tom. All these steps will improve quality of your sleep. Also, don't forget to throw out the old pillows and mattress. Actually, it's not that easy to choose the perfect mattress but it's possible. This website may help to make a choice - https://sleepissimple.com/best-memory-foam-mattress/.


1. Clear your head. Note everything down before going to bed so you are not thinking about it all night.


To sleep better each night, I think that we need a light work day. We also need to have delicious meals and be healthy. To have good health and good sleep, you need to sleep properly and not sleep so little in a day.


Before going to sleep, drink a glass of water and read a novel or newspaper. I am sure within 30 minutes you will go into a deep sleep.


Probably watch the movie "The Room".


Just go to bed at a certain time, turn off the lights, try to relax, it may be a bit difficult at the beginning but soon you will fall asleep easily.

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