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How can I increase my website's backlinks?

Hireer.com is a platform of micro-job marketplace for Freelancers, Organizations, Employers, Individuals, etc. where anyone can buy, who is more than 18 years old & sell their skills related to their job's work. I.e. Graphic Design, 3D Modeling & Animation, Web Design & Development, Content Writing & Translation, and Audio & Video.

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Anonymous User

There are a few ways to create backlinks, not all of them are created equal.

1) Press release - The value of these links have been devalued but serves its purpose for getting backlinks on athority sites on a large scale. If your company has a PR firm, this can be something they can get to work on, getting on big publications with a backlink for your website is fantastic for SEO.

2) Guest Posts - IMO less scalable for a company such as yours which is in a very competitive niche.

3) Sponsored Posts (Same as guest posts but you pay for it)

4) Directory Submissions - Not very powerful but good for diversifying link profile.

5) Blog/Forum comments - Again, these aren't very powerful backlinks but they serve their purpose in diversifying link profile.

6) Resource links - May be the most scalable. Create an epic post on your website such as "How to create the perfect CV", you then want to find the websites linking out to similar resources and pitch this piece of content to them as useful content for their audience, hence they should link out to it.

There hundreds of other link building tactics, I'd suggest consulting with a professional SEO consultant.

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Here few ways for increasing the website back links.

1. Do Bookmarking

2. Classified Ads

3. guest posts

4. Blog comments

5. Document sharing

6. Article Submssions




It's very important to have a content marketing strategy at the hear of your link building. If you want to increase the amount of websites linking back to you, you need to create pertinent and relevant content that people will cite within their own web content. Additionally, you can work with publishers within your niche to create collaborative content, earning branded citations.


For me its all about content marketing! Create content that is worth sharing by other websites. Some good ways to create content are through:
1. Infographics
2. Gifographics
3. Blogs


From all that I have read, only high-quality links matter now.Google is not counting them like they use to.
Website Citations have replaced links..they count twice as much.
Much of it is covered there.


A great way to increase content, traffic, social shares and backlinks to your site is through the use of expert roundup posts.

The way such posts work is simple. Create a list of other relevant sites and blogs in your industry, then reach out to all of them through email or using their contact forms. Ask them all one simple question (one that your audience will find value in), such as "What is your best tip to increase business as a freelance designer?". Once you've received enough responses, go live with a mega post with all of their answers. After this is done, then reach out to everyone who participated in your roundup and ask them to share it.

Not only is this a great way to create amazing content for your site, it's also perfect for increased social sharing, traffic and backlinks as well. To see real examples of how this is being done in different niche markets, check out the resource at http://zacjohnson.com/expert-roundup-posts/.


hi you can follow this link to find some cheap link building packages from professional seo freelancers.



do bookmarking , Forum Posting & create a blog Web 2.0 and Software Submission, Article & Press Release etc.

Anonymous User

I find all the answers mostly correct, but it is difficult for businesss owners to know how or where to go for this. They are specialists in their own field, not SEO. That's like asking a plumber to build you a garden wall, he may know how to do it but to get it done right you need a specialist.
iwebsitez.com - SEO Services


Yes Quality article, commenting, Share with stumbleupon,Digg,Delicious + Create few similar Sites Dofollow Link If You want I have quality sites with do-follow link Mail Me Kakolictg@gmail.com

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