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How can I get more press for my website?

I do SEO for an online retail store. You can visit my website at https://www.scdkey.com/. I want to increase the PR of my website, could you share your methods or experience on how I can get more press?

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Hi Kiyomi,

You are right that if you want to really get a website out there, SEO alone is not enough: you need to get it mentioned, linked and talked about in other publications. Happily, there have never been more options for this, but on the other hand, everyone is trying to get heard so you need to be good to stand out.

The first option is social media - I’m sure you’re already doing this, but obviously, you want to be as savvy as possible. Create content that will be of interest to your customer base, and link this through all your channels. In this way, a blog series that helps from an SEO point of view can also be maximised to get links. Try and use it to start conversations, and try to include key editors, journalists, and influencers.

The second option is news - this is great if you actually have something new to say about your company. Put press releases out surrounding your figures and successes, by all means, but it can be hard to make these standout. Can you create some news? It could be worth investing in a survey to produce some figures that will be interesting to your niche, and putting out a release around that. As the previous poster says, it’s also good just to make contact with journalists, and see what you could offer them.

The third option is opinion - this is often overlooked but there is an infinite supply of newsworthy topics that will be relevant to your industry, and your customers’ industry, which you can offer expert analysis on. And editors really need good analysis. I talk about this approach in detail in my last post here on business.com, which you should be able to see through my profile. And there’s even more on how to write opinion articles on my blog, here: https://www.dominicjeff.co.uk/2018/02/20/solid-opinion-key-thought-leadership/

With all of the above, I would urge you to aim for quality. Good writing, well laid out ideas, and insightful press releases are crucial to stand out from the crowd!

Kind regards,

Anonymous User

Maximizing the contact rate is crucial to getting a successful press release, but you wouldn't want to offer a rainbow to a blind person.

I have a bit of a unique perspective that may help you:

The fastest, easiest and cheapest way is to use online resources that connect journalists with sources. If you see something that matches up with you, you can contact the journalist. It’s a quick, easy way to get quoted and perhaps get a link to your website in the process.

1. Identify the right journalists. Find the right people to pitch by searching keywords, competitors, etc.

2. Identify the right publications. Make sure you understand the different publications and what they publish. If you can’t identify what they want, then your pitch is likely to get rejected.

3. Create a journalist database. Create a simple spreadsheet or otherwise store details about each journalist so you know who to contact and when.

4. Reach out, but don’t pitch. The best way to get through to an editor is to ask for advice and to do it in person.

5. If you go for the pitch, make it easy for the journalist.

6. Don’t go for the profile piece.

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