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How can I increase the number of visitors to my websites?

I need help to bring more customers to my websites:


Do you know how can I do that in a short to medium amount of time?

I have tried sponsored links but the cost does not pay out.


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Gabriel, the best way is to create some blogs on your website with quality content. Good content always brings visitors to websites.

Alternatively, you can use paid services like Google AdWords - this is for the short and quick time. However, it costs:-(


obviously but to do that you have to make a perfect Digital Marketing strategy strategy. you can follow these steps.

1. First make sure your website structure, Content, Links everything on your website is perfect. i.e. SEO.
2. No when Your Website is ready now start making it a brand on relevant Social Media Channels. i.e. SMO
3. Now you must have Signup form on your website, so that people who wants to know more from you will get updated what you are doing. i.e. Email Marketing.
4. Video is one of the best way to Connect with your customer and it is becoming popular these days so you must be present there too. i.e. Video Marketing.
5. Now if everything is set up, start advertising your Website and product on Search engines, Social media. i.e SEM and SMM.


Surely you have to promote your site. You can gain visitors from social bookmark and social network sites like stumbleupon, reddit, facebook, twitter, instapaper, pearltrees, etc.

If you done, create some dummy blog from some web 2.0 and back linking to your site with relevant content and anchor text.

Are you done?

You can also create backlinks from some authority sites such as on profile section.

Find also some .edu sites, and create backlinks there pointing to your site.

Don't forget to blogwalking, and leave useful comments there, with the username is your website link.

and update your posts daily.


There are currently over a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today. This means site owners and bloggers need to focus more on content promotion than continually coming out with new content for their sites. There are plenty of ways for you to take advantage of the hot travel/disney market right now. Here are just a few ideas to help you get started.

- Create an expert roundup from travel bloggers and ask them what travel tips they have to off
- Write reviews on the top travel destinations and how to save money on each
- Start guest blogging on other travel/disney sites and reach new audiences
- Run a viral contest on your blog and give away a free disney products (use a social contest plugin)

All of these options are great for anyone that is looking to find success with blogging. The most important thing to remember is that you NEED to focus on the promotion of your content and not just putting new content out there. Once this is in place, continue to focus on building new backlinks to your site and internally linking to your best content. As all of this continues, the DA and PA of your site will improve, thus helping your site rank higher and more often in the search results.


Need Quality Article and Social media share


HI, How are you?
I see your website it a Blog type Website Not a Shopping site,

Here is some Golden Points

1 - Increase your Social Engagement
2 - Directories Submission
3 - Local Listing
4 - Target your Money Keywords (* Find buying Keywords in Adwords Which Called Money Keywords)
5 - Rank Money Keywords with Guest Post or Quality Link Building (I can help you)
6 - Email List Building and Campaign Submission

Boom Boom Ranking and Sale
Now If you have any Question or Want my Help or Service Tell me

Thanks for the advice! It was very helpfull. :)

Gabriel Lorenzi
Owner of a network of travel blogs
My Blog 1
My Blog 2
My Blog 3


Your website is great.

All you need is to spare some budget for promotion of your website. Cheap and effective option available to promote websites.


If you're looking for short to medium term, chances are it will need to be some form of paid advertising. I'd personally be looking at Google AdWords to move searchers to your site, assuming you have a way to monetize that traffic (otherwise it's pouring money down the drain). If you're on a budget, Bing Ads can be better value, it's just that search volume is often lower.

With a longer term outlook, organic search via content marketing is without a doubt the best value option, but it does take a lot of effort and persistence.


If you need a strong and stable traffic growth, you have to build a good internet marketing strategy that includes:

Content marketing
Email marketing.
This list can be easily expanded with other marketing branches. Yes, it will take time and efforts, but believe me: it will be worth it.

However, if you want to add new elements to your marketing formula, pay attention to content marketing. Content stands at the forefront of digital marketing strategy and has enough power to both get you to the top positions in SERP and ruin all your efforts.

When working on content creation and optimization, remember: quality is more important than quantity. Your site/blog/account has to be filled with high quality content aimned at attracting your target audience. You have to use keywords that will help users find you in SERP and use relevant facts, data and stats that will demonstrate your authority, experience, achievements, etc.

Moreover, you have to track your traffic rates through Google Analytics or other similar tool that will always show whether you are going in the right direction. It is impossible to talk about effective solutions if you do not track youtr stats. Every business is unique and there is no guarantee that a particular technique will or won’t work for you.

There is no doubt that content is king, and if you create a high quality content for your site/blog/personal account/social media profile, you will increase your traffic rates, attract more users and promote your brand.

However, you have to make something really unique, useful and relevent. And don’t make your content too promotional or overloaded with specific terms and data: it has to be clear and concise.

Thanks! It was very helpful! :)

Gabriel Lorenzi
Owner of a network of travel blogs
My Website 1
My Website 2
My Website 3

Anonymous User

Create, send, & track effective email campaigns with Zoho campaigns. Reach and engage your customers.

1-Advertise. This one is so obvious, we're going to look at it first. ...
2-Get Social. ...
3-Mix It Up. ...
4-Write Irresistible Headlines. ...
5-Pay Attention to On-Page SEO. ...
6-Target Long-Tail Keywords. ...
7-Start Guest Blogging. ...
8-Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site.

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