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How can I grow my online retail business of small gifts?

I want to make my business grow in Bangalore city. I have an eCommerce business for online gifts such as flowers, chocolate, and teddy bears.

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I will keep this simple. The best ways to grow your online business are:

1. Blogging/SEO: Believe it or not, blogging is still the best kind of marketing there is today. Create a blog and write from the various perspectives of your target audience. For example in your case, you can write about small gifts a student can give to a teacher for this Christmas, why should they do this etc. Place yourself in the shoes of your target audience and try to think like them and find out what would they be searching for and write about it. Make it great

2. Start distributing coupons/codes: Start distributing your vouchers and coupons electronically through various apps and websites. It's a great way to draw traffic to your store or at least make people aware of your store. Majority of the consumer population relies on such apps and websites nowadays.

3. Have a unique strategy (and market on that): For instance, you can promise same day delivery locally, make custom gift baskets for various occasions etc. Make sure you market your site in the same way too. For instance, if you do offer same day delivery, spread out an ad like this: "Forgot a coworkers B'day? Don't have a Gift for them? No worries, we got our back! Surprise them with a custom gift basket that will be delivered within 2-4 hours. Order Now." You won't believe the number of people who forget occasions like these and want a gift immediately available to them.

4. Social Media: I don't think I even need to explain this. But make sure that your social media pages are not filled with promotions. Keep them on a low. Engage with your customers first. Ask them for suggestions, entertain them. Offer incentives if they like or share your page. Connect with them.

5. Try something whimsical: Try to reach out using some truly whimsical techniques. You can read about Dollar Shave club's video featuring their CEO or Capser's (online mattress company) Snap hack app and chat bot. They really connected with a lot of their clients in fun ways.

Good Luck,
Matrid Tech

Thank you so much for your detailed answer.


I think SEO is the best way for you to grow your business.


Anonymous User

One of the best way is to give customers voucher codes


You can promote your business by online marketing.
You can promote your business by social media channel like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.


These are the few steps which can help you to grow your online store's presence on the internet.

1. Content Marketing
2. Seo
3. Keyword Research.


Anonymous User

We could go on and come up with so many points to help you expand and we could actually be here all day but to keep it short, first make sure you have worked your local area, that may sound odd but take each area a step at a time and be thorough in case you have missed anything. The next step is to do some research on competition in other areas you have in mind and see whats already out there. Always fine the best channels for you for the products you supply and keep your keywords updated by checking each area and treating them separately, what may work in one area, doesn't always work in another area.

Make sure you social media is strong and if you haven't got a blog, get one straight away, update as regularly as you can including pictures and video's of your products.


You can Try These 5 Expansion Ideas:-
1. Expand to other locations
2. Expand to other sales channels
3. Grow your product and service offerings
4. Expand to other markets
5. Pop up in other places

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