How can I monetize my blog with an online marketplace/catalog?

I have a website that I built last year at this time that serves as an online resume. However, I would like to use my blog to promote and sell European (Spanish and Italian) products that I love and have personal connections with - like, my roommate's family's olive oil production in Jaen and a friend's organic winery outside Florence. My site is hosted on WordPress and my web designer has gone MIA. I am not a WordPress expert. I also have zero experience with import/export, but I do have a logistics provider based in Madrid. I would like to sell directly to customers in the US. My company itself is based in Virginia, but I am frequently traveling to meet with foreign producers.

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Hi Kathryn,

I've previously jumped into multiple food-based ventures and through trial and error I've picked up some lessons. Firstly, do you need your own dedicated site? Can you not keep the blog as a blog, which discusses topics and ideas around your food which then links over to a shop of some sort? I would then consider if options such as Etsy may be of benefit to you? Hosted platform with payments etc all rolled into a self-hosted package, you just focus on the promo and marketing.

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