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How can I promote my scriptwriting service?

I have more than 25 years experience and have enjoyed success over the years, but find it challenging to widen my reach - that is develop new business beyond referrals or existing clients.

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Anonymous User

Hi Dennis,

to make this work, you'll have to be more innovative with your approach. What makes you different from other script writers? What have your past clients been saying about you?

You will need to start by establishing a solid online presence. I'll breakdown the key areas to focus on.

#1. Your Website: at the moment it's showing "internal server error" when I clicked through, so that's something you need to take a look at. You'll need to set it up in a way that projects your expertise and can also attract new clients. Create incentives (e.g. free reports) for your visitors and capture data. Then integrate them into a very effective email marketing system and communicate with them consistently.

#2. Social media: you need to look at the platforms where you'll likely find your potential clients, and position yourself on them. The more value you add on these mediums based on your knowledge and expertise, the more awareness you will create for yourself and your business.

#3. Training: you have 25 years experience in the bag; it's time to use that wealth of knowledge more effectively. You can look into creating a mini course on script writing and use that to generate some cashflow. Then invest what you make from the course into advertising and attract your ideal clients to you. It's a cycle... you make money from one product and plug the funds from that one into another system, in order to get clients who will take up your core offer.

Gaining more reach will need planning and clarity on what to do. It's a process, so I won't say success will be achieved overnight. You will need a huge amount of patience. Also, be sure to set aside a reasonable budget to get things up and running. To get new clients in this day and age, you'll need to spend some money.

All the best,


P.S:. if you would like to discuss the best ways to go about setting this up, then give me a shout, and we could have a Skype session.


First is to have a website and include a blog with it. Then, make your services visible through social networks by posting your website on free advertising sites. Have an account on the different social media platforms. Write a quality content and spread it online. Follow and engage with your potential clients. You can also do some email marketing by having a list of your target audience and send them messages about you or your services. Business listing sites can be handy too, you can have your business listed on local directories. For organic search, focus on your keywords. Use technology to showcase your skills and services as it will help you to attract more clients. There's so many strategies available but it depends on you to determine what is right and fits in your business' growth. Just don't be left behind on the latest trends about business so you can be able to catch up and be on the line with other businesses too.


One of the easiest ways would be to craft a good marketing messages and go on an email campaign. Cold emails don't usually net a high turnaround but it's a start.

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