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How can I put a team together to create a complex website?

I want to create a website but I have no clue of what I'm doing, just great ideas of what I want. What do I need to look for when gathering a team?

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I am breaking down your question into 3 parts:

Number #1: You have great ideas.

Are your great ideas on paper or in your head? It needs to be written down on paper for more clarifications as at certain point it is not only you who will be going through the information. It has to be delivered and well understood by each team member. Either you can start writing it on your own, asking yourself questions or you can do it discussing with the team you plan to deploy for your project in the initial discovery process.

2. You need a team.

Choosing the right team is literally a frustrating process. You need to keep on searching for the right people to work with. You can find them on biding portal like upwork, freelancer or maybe find them using google keyword search. Interview them one-on-one basis and get to a stage to finalise them. Make sure whoever you go ahead with is a one-stop shop for everything as your job should be to interact with the project manager and not every individual involved in the project. Mind you have other stuff to focus and not only the website.

3. You need a complex website.

No websites are complex literally unless you try to make it. Simplify the process as much as you can. Hire the right people who can foresee your website and help you to question you in your discovery process.

To be precise to your question on what you should be looking for when gathering a team?

Just talk to them in real time on a chat or phone call.

Know them for their:

1. Portfolio
2. Turn around time &
3. Talk to their existing customer(s)


The answer(s) can vary greatly depending on your product or service, budgets, platform (mobile app, website or hybrid) and business goals.

There are many great articles on building a development team, however, you may want to start smaller or hire a consultant or a development firm.

Also, DIY (Do it Yourself) with Wordpress or other OTB (out of the box) solutions are a cost-effective way to begin playing your ideas.

They even surprisingly can generate fairly complex sites.

Here are a few links that may be of help:

DIY options:

If you can post some more details and others may be able to provide more specific answers.
Best of luck!


Businesses exist for one simple reason: to solve a big problem.

Management Type: Market Trumps Functional Trumps Matrix.
All organizational structures are evil; but when you have to, align your organization around markets.
Empower people to make decisions.
Too often, decisions move up the management chain to people who have the least amount of knowledge to make the best decision.

Strategic Planning Should Focus on Solutions.
After co-founding several companies, I realized that “strategic planning”–when the management team sits down to figure out where the company should be going– is often a major waste of time and takes the focus away from where your energy should be spent–building a great product.

Build Consensus and A Sense of Ownership Through BPT.
The quickest and most efficient way to solve a problem and come up with the best solution is through what I call the Brainstorm Prioritization Technique (BPT).

1. Figure out which team members should be involved in the brainstorming process based on the problem you’re trying to solve.
2. After you’ve assembled the right group of people, clearly state the specific problem you’re trying to solve and allow everyone to shout out possible solutions without taking the time to analyze each option.
3. When you have come up with a good number of possible solutions –anywhere from twenty to 100 ideas– divide the number of possible solutions by three.
4. Once everyone has had a chance to analyze the options, the BPT leader should read each idea out loud, take a vote and write the number of votes next to the corresponding ideas.
5. When you have three to four good solutions, research and test each option to figure out which one is most feasible and effective.

Once you’ve completed the BPT, you’ll have achieved the Nirvana of management: knowing which top one or two things to focus on, and consensus around those ideas.

Embrace Self Interest.
In the end, people will always do what’s in their best self-interest; rather than fight it, help your employees align their own self-interest with organizational interests.

Forget About Skills When Hiring.
You can always teach skills, but you can’t teach smart. Don’t hire someone based on their current skills; hire people who have raw intelligence and are competitive athletes who will learn quickly on the job.

Seniority Is Evil.
Hires, fires, and promotions should never be determined by seniority; instead, these decisions should only be based on merit.

Don’t Let Customers Dictate the Solution.
When you organize around your market, hence your customer, you’ll be in a better position to see their pain points.

The Most Obvious Solution is Often Overlooked.

Good luck in your business!
Robert Dale Business Analyst from MeowEssay


Hi Natalie,

That's a typical situation every person gets into when they decide to build a website or a mobile app or any software product. My team and I mostly face this situation when we deal with customers who are first-time entrants in the software industry. So to help them out, I have put together few posts to help everyone. Let me know what you think about it.


See what is best for you - Outsourcing software development or hiring in-house team of developers.


Once you have decided that outsourcing is your best option, then here are some major tips that need to be taken care of while outsourcing.


And some important tips for anyone who decides to hire a software developer, either in-house or outsource.


I am hoping these posts will help you in some way. Feel free to contact me anytime, I will be happy to help.



You need to work hard on the project by bringing web designers and web developers on a single point. When you start a project you need to use project management tools like Jira or Basecamp to help you combine the team.

Anonymous User

I would recommend you to make such a website yourself. It is not too difficult at all. You will only need to get a good template like those from https://www.templatemonster.com/category/art-photography-wordpress-themes/, then customize it according to your needs. I think you will like this idea and will make a great website for your business.

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