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How can I write better blog posts?

Hey there, I'm starting a new blog for my business, As I'm new to blogging and not a good writer, can you please suggest me some tips to get a healthy and useful blog going for my business?

I'm looking for resources regarding SEO and ways I can learn to write better... Thanks!

Here is a blog example I started on WordPress and I need suggestions for: strattonsportsblog.wordpress.com

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Anonymous User

When you first start writing blogs its easy to lose site of the objective which is to write blogs relevant to your products or services but also to make sure you make your blog content interesting and easy to read. Whilst you have to include keywords etc to help your blog SEO wise, don't include too many so be firm when you are writing a blog post what your objective is. If you are unsure about writing at all, visit other similar blogs and read as many as you can. Keep your blogs shot to start with until you get more confidence. The more you write, the better you will become but always remember that you want people to read your blogs so make them interesting.If you have anyone who you trust and value their opinion, ask them to read your blogs and give their opinion. The sooner you start writing blogs the better and just because you are not good at writing doesn't mean you can't write good content.

Thanks Claire, it was really helpful.

That's a really good answer...Thanks a lot.

Anonymous User

You will need read more blogs related to topic you wish to write blogs.. Accordingly learn few key points like adding visitor engaging contains , images or videos to grab visitors attention. Once your subscription level rises , and you add more contains things will start getting easy.

Anonymous User

Go for Grammarly it will help you for better grammar.


Before writing blog post you should understand your audience, what content they are looking for. Choose a catchy and trending title. Do a research on that, organise your content and provide a latest information in that.


Start with defining your target audience- who are your target customers?

WRite about what interests them. Your post should help your customers:

- earn more and spend less
- learn something new
- achieve business growth
- avoid mistakes
- resolve problems
- simplify workflow

If you want to market your product with content, your blog posts should give people answers to these questions:

What's in it for me?
Why should I buy it from you?
Why should I buy it now?

I invite you to read my articles about blogging on HelpCrunch blog - https://blog.helpcrunch.com/blog-that-converts-part-i-how-to-choose-the/


Do you create content for your blog yourself? Consider the interests of your readers if you want to increase the number of readers. Carefully study blogs of competitors and find your own, unique and interesting style for people.

Anonymous User

In my opinion, Blogger is better when you are looking for a simple blog, but if you want to create a professional blog, then you should go with WordPress. I've just finished setting a blog using a wordpress theme??????? . It was pretty easy. Btw, you can catch the moment and get a great Black Friday discount on https://www.templatemonster.com/ website


To write better blog posts you have to be able to connect with your audience. This means providing content that engages people rather than informs them.

First, start with having a very clear target for your blog and letting people know right away what that target is. Your website should clarify in 5 seconds the problem you solve and whom you solve it for.

Second, when you are writing a blog post think of it as a story. Your audience is that main character in the story and they have a problem that you can solve. Your post identifies that problem and the solution. Your audience will pay attention because they can relate to the problem.

The post you have is an informative piece about a stitch. Why would anybody care? What problem is this solving? And what does it have to do with sports anyway? My storytelling template can help you structure your blog post, you can find it here if you are interested: https://engagenow.biz/take-action - it is free.

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