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How can I target the right demographics through email marketing?

I work at an accounting firm where we offer financial services to small businesses and start ups. I think email marketing could be the best way to reach our client base and advertise our services. Is there a way to customize the messaging to only be sent to the demographics / geographies of our choosing?

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Use Adwords to build your list. Your can target specific demographics and geographical areas. Facebook ads is also a great way to build your list according to custom demographics. Then set up a landing page with your compelling offer. Leadpages.net is a great place to get started. Let me know if you need additional help.

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I was a former Principal/Partner at one of the top 40 CPA firms in the U.S. and have consulted with many CPA firms throughout the US and England. What is common with all is that they usually like to do business locally, as they believe they need to meet face-to-face with the client. Assuming this is the same with your firm, then email marketing may not be the best alternative for you.

The first questions is "Why do I want to do business with your firm? What makes you different than the hundreds of others trying to get my business? One you have identified that, then develop a marketing piece for that segment and distribute to your target.

How do you distribute? Local business shows and events. Develop seminars for your target and invite as many as you can. DO NOT sent the pretty brochures via email. Many can't accept attachments which is how those brochures come in. They should be used as printed copy.

My clients have always been successful with seminars, especially those designed for specific issues, e.g., "Have you taken advantage of the tax rebates with your business?" or "At what point do you need to provide Obamacare to employees?" or "How to motivate and keep employees on a limited budget?" or "Taking advantage of Meaningful Use for your medical practice." Each seminar is generalized, yet specific.

Good luck.


segment your emails list
make sure that you have an opt out function
and Zip Code Map out your mailers


This depends on the amount of information you have associated with each email address. At a minimum you'll require demographic data and geographic data ALREADY associated with each email address. You may have this as part of an internal client data store. If not, you'll need to purchase a list that has that associative data. However, as an external list it may not be highly qualified for the services you provide.

Using a marketing automation platform like Act-On, Marketo, or Hubspot you can create dynamic email campaigns that allow you to insert content on the fly based on customer record detail. These platforms also allow you to filter/segment your client list (based on demographics/geography) and send associative emails to that list segment only.

Good comment. Also don't forget that need permission to send email to any one.


Deborah: While I absolutely believe in leveraging e-mail marketing as a key marketing channel, in your case I would suggest joining appropriate groups on both Facebook and LinkedIn as a starting point and then utilizing the messaging function within those platforms to promote your business to these users. The group messaging functions on these platforms ensures that your messages are delivered. To build your list of prospects from this suspect pool, you might want to offer a whitepaper on some relevant topic that your firm covers as a means to get the suspect to register on your e-mail/newsletter list and become a prospect that you can actively market to in hopes of converting them from a prospect into a client. During this registration, you can collect the demographic information you desire to subset your list. Whitepapers build credibility in the mid-funnel and are a key tactic in B2B marketing campaigns. Webinars are also a great tactic.

Hope this helps.


You need a CRM system with an email auto responder feature. There are many to choose from that are effective and affordable. If you decide to start marketing your accounting services this way, remember, people don't want to be marketed to. They don't mind getting regular communications if the content is valuable to them. If not, you will lose people faster than you thought possible.

Divide your client base into areas of interest. People are far more likely to read your material or respond to your offers if its relevant to what they want. Too much of what they don't want leads to pushing the unsubscribe button.


Provided you have some of the information you can set up specific segments in your email service so that you only email those segments. You'd likely need to know zipcodes if you wanted to set up geography specific newsletters.

Anonymous User

My advise is that first you need to clarify to this audience what it is that you seek. Is it a) you have a database of emails from existing customers/clients and wish to target certain groups with certain messages or b) you wish to get to more businesses from new. The former is easier, the latter is lead generation, and more difficult.

I'm going to assum its the latter and lead generation is the goal, and therefore you need to get the emails from somewhere. Before anything you need to acknowledge the CAN-SPAM (assuming US) laws, so be careful how you tread, and be very very polite in emails and do all the right things (unsubscribe lists, need to state who you are etc etc).

Then you either employ an intern and spend months going through google or buy a database. And you might of guessed - we build custom databases by sector/geo !

Best Regards DS/ GOcontact.co.uk


it's a lot easier to get a current customer to buy more than to acquire a new customer, and email marketing is a great marketing tactic to consider as a part of your marketing plan to do this. Your question however, begs more questions, such as what does your customer list look like now? There are definitely ways to promote specific products to your list, and knowing more about what your customers are buying now, and what you have for them that they're not using, would be helpful to giving you a more comprehensive answer. So this really requires a conversation. Let me know if you can provide more information and perhaps I can be more specific. To your SWEET success!


Definitely you should have an website if you don't have make it. Use analytic information from your hosting service. https://www.google.com/analytics/ is best for analyzing your target audience. There are many third party service provider also who provides e-mail marketing services to whom you need and where you need to send it for example act-on.

But you should have to consider this e-mail content readable to mobile devices as well.

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