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How can I turn an angry customer into a loyal customer?

I do not deal well with confrontation. My first instinct when I get a customer complaint is to ignore it and let them go. (Terrible approach, I know!) This is something I need to work on, and the best way for me to do this is to face our angriest customers. We just launched and have had our ups and downs. Instead of letting those customers go, I want to turn their experience around. What's the best way to approach them and change their mind? Thank you!

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So impressed by your self awareness and desire to engage in conflict when it is very uncomfortable for you, Becca.

Your thinking is also sound business strategy.

Most displeased or angry customers just want to know you care about their feelings, just like you and I hope people care about our feelings when we're dissatisfied or upset.

The best approach is to listen, choose not to get defensive, show them you heard them by paraphrasing their complaint back to them and asking if you got it right (so you know you are solving the right problem), reassuring them you want to help them (this greatly reduces stress and anger once they realize you're on their team, value them as a customer and human being (we all want that, right?), and are going to work with them.

You can ask them what would solve the problem for them. It might be different than you anticipate and even less challenging or less costly. Be patient with them, reassure them again if necessary and model the poise you would like them to feel and exhibit back to you.

Problem solve with them, even offering choices if you can't give them exactly what they desire. You may be able to completely satisfy them most of the time but maybe not always.

If people feel heard, understood, respected, valued and helped (mitigating their pain), they can usually, even if not happy, accept some pain.

Do this and you will repair a lot of conflicts, heal relationships, show off your customer service and brand and win back or build relationships and profit. If you repair customer dissatisfaction you may so impress that they laud you to family, friends, on social media and be a repeat customer.


This can be challenging to confront a angry person. If one reacts at the same tone or temperament as the upset customer, than that will surely escalate the
situation. First of all is to not take the conversation personal. perhaps this customer has very valid points that can help your company in the long run; and second, if the customer is upset than listening to them and stating how you could agree with them will go a long, long way.

Anonymous User

Becca, Give them what they want, listen to them, don't shout at them. If you give them what they want they will be happy. And if you think you cannot do that, the best thing is to take a leave from work for some weeks and hire a professional to help you deal with them. Before you come back, they will shake you with a smile in their face because they got what they want.

But make sure you hire someone you can trust that will not go away with your clients

Anonymous User

When faced with angry customers our initial instincts are to ignore, none of us like confrontation but its always good to remember that whilst they may go away initially, they will come back and often angrier than before. I always find honesty is the best policy by explaining you are trying to do things better and if they have any advice from a customers point of view, you would love to hear it. Do your best to make to customer feel listened to but remember to stay loyal to your business as well and whilst we want to please everyone unfortunately you have to accept that if you have tried and the customer is still not happy, you cannot bend completely. Offer the customer the chance to let you now how they feel, give you feedback and then try and meet the customer half way by giving them a discount on their next purchase or a voucher or if relevant, give them a small voucher off their next purchase. If you show willing, that customer is likely to come back and you will be seen to be trying to make things better. Always remember though that you can't please everyone and there is a line when it comes to offering freebies and things, do the best you can and if the customer is still not happy, explain that you have tried to resolve the situation and are sorry they are not happy and leave at that. Always respond rather than ignore and once you have done this, you can rest assured you have tried.
Claire marcetme.com


Hello Richards,

First of all, Don't get anger with him/her. By watching, he/she shouting on you and delivering all his frustration over you. Before going to handle this situation be prepare for these...

1. Go with fresh mood
2. Listen carefully
3. Try to reach the beneath of problem
4. Speak with little smile
5. Take care the way of speaking (Tone)
6. Apologise whatever you have mistaken or not
7. Give him Assurance/believe (This is not going to happen again)
8. Offer them some surprise gift.
9. Greet him
10. Love your customer

Always keep in mind before going to handle any anger people, He/she is anger. You are not! So be lovable by loving others.


As a person, I know it feels discouraging to know that not all the customers you have will be very delighted with your products/services. This issue is pretty normal though to all kinds of businesses but the tension of an irate customer can really give you a stressful day. On contrary, it will also test your patience. That's why a good customer service representative in any businesses needs to have greater patience since things like this are inevitable. In situations like this, you need to maintain high respect to them and acknowledge their needs and concerns. Also, always give them the assurance that all their complaints are well taken care of. One thing also is to keep calm and maintain proper communication with them. Be persistent in you ways of working out with them so that you can rebuild their trust to your company's services.


Acknowledge their complaint as valid.
Tell them you will make it right.
Actually make it right.
Offer something extra in addition (e.g. free service, offer to become beta tester for new features, refund for their bad experience).

It's great to see that you want to get better at dealing with angry customers! I think if we're honest, we all need focused effort and fine-tuning here. Especially in the beginning, you're going to upset some people. And in the grand scheme of things, that's okay! You just need to make it clear to customers that you're on their side, and that you want to do what it takes to make their lives (and/or jobs) better.

Most people (particularly customers) love when you listen and act on their problems. When you're able to solve someone's problem, and then go the extra mile for them, you become a hero! What business doesn't want to be a hero for their customers?


Its all about politeness,even if its aint your misteke but he has complained to you,listen to him/her well and show some concern,don't blame anyone in the conversation between the two of you,but calm him or her down and promise to work upon it to his or her satisfaction.
Remember,fire can't stop fire but can kindle it.....always put a smile and promise to keep him/her in touch.
The power is ever in the hands of the customer,once he comes to you,drop your ego,prestige and handle him carefully coz he/she is the reason to your sucess.....he may turnish your company name just by ,the *mouth* he can go around the world exposing your weakeness to handle his issue and at the same time he can market you to another level.
*Customer sovereignity*should always come into your minds first


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Customers are always right. I know most customer likes discounted product or services, this might do the trick. Do your best within the provision of the company to satisfy your customers need. Attend to their queries even when the solution is not at hand. A good smile and attitude will go a long way.

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