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How can I improve business listings on Nextbizdoor.com?

My business is a directory listing site, Nextbizdoor.com. I want to make sure customers are getting the most value from their listing. The listing information includes site name, business description, and addresses. What can I do to improve the SEO and other benefits of listing your business with us?

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Anonymous User

Dear Pravin

We have been designing, hosting and Optimising websites (SEO) since 2006.

As far as SEO is concerned Directories are dead. Google killed them by marking most of them as Spam and reducing their link juice to zero about 18 months ago.

In some sense, it was right to do so. Directories go back to the early days of the Internet when there were no search engines, hence they have gone past their sell-by date. Nobody really needs to be in a directory because nobody really uses directories to find websites.

So how can directories survive?

They have to add value. In essence TripAdvisor is a directory but it has added value by enabling travellers to share their experience and recommend hospitality establishments. This has resulted in demand from travellers (traffic) which then has meant hospitality suppliers are clambering to get listed enabling TripAdvisor to charge astonishingly high prices for Premium Listings.

If you want to attract websites to list, you need to think about how to add value. Websites want links but more than links they want traffic (that is why they want links). If you can generate useful traffic for them, they will come knocking on your door and you will be laughing all the way to the bank. Otherwise, it is a futile effort.

I hope this helps.


I think the biggest thing to work on is getting "ligitimized" in the eyes of Google. Google feels there are junk directories out there. So you need to make sure you are a ligit high quality directory in the eyes of Google. How you do that I am not sure.


Ali is right. You need to do more than just provide a listing or advertising.

There are hundreds of things (if not more) you can do for them, but just as important, and maybe more so, is getting the general public to go to your directory more often than their alternatives. THAT would be some real value.

I think the design/layout could use an update, too. It's not all that appealing or useful from my view.


Hi. You can run a survey to your existing subscribers asking them on the value and expectations they expect from business directory. You may also want to think about how you can differentiate yourself from the crowd. You may want to run a website audit on your website to make sure that they are no issues with your on-page SEO. Then you want to improve your domain and page authority of your website in building up your backlinks. People signup for business directories to improve their rankings, get a citation, and get referral web traffic. Focus on these things to start adding value to your customers.


Ali Zartash Lloyd You are right


As others have mentioned, general directories have mostly gone away from Google. However, we are still seeing places like YP.com doing well.

For faster results, you might consider "niche-ing down" with subdirectories. plumber.nextbizdoor.com could be a great place to start as you niche down and provide more in-depth services that benefit both the consumer and the vendor.

Additionally, each subdomain could be themed with related content and links to help the algorithm better categorize your site.

Create each listing with information like timing, logo, images, videos, service/products and more to improve your search ranking. The second option is to develop content for b2b marketing and distribute on networks with links.

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