How do I get started opening an online video streaming company?


Please advise me on how I can open an online video streaming company like Netflix. From where can I collect videos?


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To begin with you can launch video streaming app. With proper publicity you can add more and more features to enhance your business.

If you need any help out tech experts are happy to serve you.


But sir how can I collect video data?

For Netflix type business you need to obtain licence from different companies whose videos you want to stream from your website/ app. This will require huge investment.

But, for Utube type business - people will upload their videos for streaming.


Dear Ritesh

There are a number of things you need to consider when looking at providing streaming services, which is why new services do not pop up like mushrooms!

First, you need licensing agreement with content providers. If you do not have this, the licence holders can demand your ISP and Hosting Company to stop your services and they will! We run a hosting company and like all hosting companies the standard terms and conditions says “Your content and services must not breach copyright laws, anti-discrimination laws, contain violence, encourage violence, contain sexual acts, indecent materials, etc....... . Services will be withdrawn within 7 days of a justified complaint, and you will not be entitled to any refund or compensation if seizure of service is due to copyright disputes or content that breaches our code of conduct.....” You will find this standard on all reputable hosting companies.

Second, is capacity. Streaming requires huge processing and infrastructure capacity including ISP links. Most hosting companies (and I include us in this) have a “Fair Use Policy” which roughly speaking means any customer using the hosting company's infrastructure cannot exceed 5% of the total capacity. You will bust this even if you are half successful let alone if you are a hit.

Finally, the cost of creating your own infrastructure is enormous, typically starting from $300k and that assumes you find a location provider to locate your hardware as this cost excludes premises. Usually these costs together with licences run into millions of dollars.

I am not wishing to rain on your parade, but you need to be aware of what you are getting into, specially if you are trying raise venture capital or financing. Streaming at commercially viable levels are expensive business and require a pile of cash and patient investors.

Best of luck.

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