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How can I get my website to rank on Google's top 10?

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1. Optimize your website for RankBrain
RankBrain is a rather "fresh" Google algorithm, developed on the basis of artificial intelligence. In terms of technical implementation, it is a self-learning system. Engineers search engine position it as one of the three key ranking signals.

Google applies RankBrain mainly to handle rare and polysemantic questions that users have never previously addressed to the system. The share of such requests is gradually growing, and today their daily number is at least 15% of the total. Assuming that Google processes up to three billion requests per day, the number of new and ambiguous queries is now approaching 450 million.

No doubt, the optimization of sites under the algorithms of artificial intelligence leaves its imprint on the work of the Internet marketer. At the same time, it's quite possible to adapt the content of the pages under RankBrain.

It will start with the creation of content that would provide the user with answers to unique questions, fully take into account the interests of a particular person and was relevant to his current needs.

The development of such content is usually done by trial and error and requires considerable time and patience. It is important to constantly update and update information, create informative content and understand the user, optimize it for current requests.

2. Optimize for mobile
Nowadays, optimizing the resource for mobile devices is an important ranking factor for Google. Although, 3 years ago this indicator was not so significant.

3. Speed ??up the site
As mentioned earlier, AMP helps at times to accelerate the loading of mobile resource pages. However, this is not the only way to increase the speed of loading pages. In addition, the question can not be approached thoughtlessly. Work to speed up the site requires considerable effort on the part of its owner. Before embarking on it, it is important to understand what else the site lacks for a successful promotion to Google.

The speed of loading resource pages today is a ranking factor, but there are many other aspects that the search engine takes into account. And it is better to start improving with them.

Those who decided to seriously approach the issue of acceleration, it is better to test your resource with a special tool, carefully study the report and determine the priority directions for further action.

Often increase the speed of loading resource pages helps banal image optimization.

4. ‘Linkless’ mentions
The tactics used to earn brand mentions are, of course, not much different from the tactics used to earn links, but since the number of people who mention brands is much higher than the number of people who link to them, this could provide a good boost for smaller brands that fall below the threshold of earning press.

This highlights the importance of being involved in conversations on the web, and the importance of inciting those conversations yourself.

5. Trusted Backlinks still working
Try to get high quality backlinks to your website, from trust resources. You will be helped by a guest posting, an outreach with well-known bloggers in your niche.

Good luck!

Very well explained...

I have applied all this but I am still struggling to get my website in top 10. Can you please give me inputs on the following pages?



Anonymous User

How are you with SEO, do you know much about it, for many, they know the basics and can do the articles and some SEO but for the more technical on and off site SEO a professional is often needed. There are quite a few factors that play a role, how old your domain is and how much SEO has been done so far. My advice would be to seek out an SEO professional and ask them to rate your website so you have a firm idea of where it is ranking and what needs to be done to improve this. It will cost money to pay someone regularly to work on the website for some time before the results show and then you may be able to maintain this yourself but any first step would be to get some advice in work needed on both off site and on site SEO as they both play a really important role.


Create content that answers unique queries that are particularly relevant to your audience personas.
This will take time, research and a little trial & error, but with enough references and supporting information in your clearly formatted, long-form content, you may start to see more visibility for relevant queries.


More Back Links


Keyword Optimization, Improving Visibility, Authority Backlinks.


Update quality content on your website and get quality backlinks from high authority websites. It will help to improve your keyword rankings on Google.


Hello Aone,

Here are some search engine optimization guides which help you to rank on search engines.

HTML Structure and Tags

Title or Title Tag
This is the most important single factor in search engine optimization. So design the title tag so carefully. Its length can be up to 512 px, or about 65 characters.

Meta Description
The Meta description tag can be a maximum of 154 characters long. It should be an abridgment of the core content of the page and should be presented as attractive as possible on the site so that the visitor would be interested in clicking on the site itself. It's a good idea to embed a keyword and its banners - but not too much.

Only One H1 Tag
The H1 tag contains the main header of the page. H1 tags can only be on one page. Place an important keyword as the first word in the title.

Keyword Density
Let's assume the page's keyword is "Cars". The rule of thumb is that the word Cars or its bends can only account for about 2-3% of the total page text. That is, calculate the keywords and divide this figure with all the words in the page.

Content is the King
Make a site for the user not for the bots

BackLinking: Where to link?
It would be good if the subject of the linking site is the same as the linking site. Google PageRank should be good at least 1 level or more. The higher the PageRank the better.

Feng Chang

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