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How can we make a clean digital marketing effort?


I'm running www.neverpaymrp.com coupon site along with my friend. We don't have much of an idea about how marketing is done. Or how digital marketing is done.

So kindly gave us the valuable subjections for the above.

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Anonymous User

Dear Silvester

General advice is not to get into a business you do not understand. If you feel you have little or no understanding of the marketing or digital marketing, I am afraid you may be setting yourself up for failure for a service that heavily relies on the Internet.

Most successful small businesses, which can become massive businesses later, have core competency in their main activity. Look at founders of Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc., they had core skills that they based their business on and only later did they venture in to areas that they did not understand well, by which time they had resources to employ people that did understand it. Look at Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, etc. they diversified in areas outside of their competence zone when they could pay handsomely to attract people who knew what they were doing. Secret to success of small businesses is to revolutionise or enhance a product or a service they understand really well.

Marketing is a much misunderstood business. Most people say Marketing when they mean Promotion/Advertising. However, Marketing is defined by it's key principals which is much wider that Promotional activities. They include:

Product – Defining, specifying and developing physical product, software, or service. This is mostly referred to Product Management and “Marketeers” as people know it do not drive this.

Pricing – Defining and setting price points, with competitive analysis, segmentation, and defined target audience. Once again this is Product Management and Operations as manufacturing and service delivery has a profound impact on pricing.

Place – This where you sell your products, or put it another way, the Channel or Routes-to-Market. This is highly strategic decision and usually is set by the board or the business's strategy leaders. The decision of whether you sell via Indirect Route (Resellers & Distributors) or Direct or via Internet has a profound impact on your pricing as well as your product design. Products, software, or services sold via Indirect routes need 3rd party implementation ease, distribution friendly design, support infrastructure, returns procedures, etc. Where you sell your product (Place or Channel) defines many of your core product attributes.

Promotion – Usually this is what people mean when they say marketing, but in fact this is advertising and promotion. Most marketeers are specialist in this aspect (digital or otherwise) but very rarely do they have a control over pricing, place, or product.

This subject is vast and to be a professional marketeer you need a degree (3 years) and a few years of practical experience. What you are asking for is a crash course in this subject which is not really easy to offer but here are a few articles that might help you get an understanding of this subject:


I hope these help and good luck in your venture.

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