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How would you rate my website kivumedia.com in terms of SEO?

Can you give your opinion on the design as well and some ideas on how can I make money with the website?

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Dude, your website is not optimized. you need to work a lot.

work on a few basic things first.
Description (you have 2)
Content (you're duplicating it)

You have to work smartly if you want to republish other's content. Else you're going to get a penalty.

Do Ethical,


maybe i don't something about there

Anonymous User

Dear Eliud

Firstly your website is new so getting high traffic and high position in SERP is not a realistic expectations. See more on this on

Secondly, your domain expires in less than a year. This is seen as lack of “Commitment” to the web. If you are trying to persuade Google, Yahoo! or other search engines about your authority, you need to look t commit for longer. Typically 3 to 5 years. This is a small investment and most people can afford it.

Meta Tags:
Your description is 419 characters which is too long for Google (150-170 is max).

As you have not declared your keywords, it is not possible to judge if it is relevant to the content or not.

The Title is fine in length but again how does it link to your keywords and content of the page? You have not declared your keywords so hard to tell. I know there is school of thought that says Keywords are ignored by Google, but their relevance and weighting in your Meta Tags have not gone away, so you should use Keywords Meta Tags as a reminder for yourself.

Your secondary pages do not have a strong and relevant Meta Titles, and no Meta Description, so you are putting yourself at a disadvantage here. You should complete all Meta Tags for all pages with focus on relevance, length, and proximity of keywords.

Finally, I also would like to emphasis the copyright and duplicate issue raised by Kuldeep Bisht. You need to watch out for this both for copyright infringements as well as Google duplicate content penalty (check out Canonical URL rules).

Once you have fixed these issues then you need to focus on gaining quality links from quality websites with appropriate Anchor Text. You should additionally create unique content and try to syndicate it out.

Hope this helps.

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