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How can I get more traffic to my online store?


I recently opened an online store that sells phone accessories, car accessories, home appliances, sporting goods (mainly gadgets). My website will only be selling locally. I have already created a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page.

Can you help me come up with some ideas on how to make my website stand out from the competition and what else I can do to drive traffic to my platform?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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If you're selling locally, look to places that are more local. Facebook and Instagram ads are a great way to generate traffic for a local geography. You can play with the Facebook Ad Audience Insights here: https://www.facebook.com/ads/audience-insights/people

From there, change the Location on the left side to your city. Add in an acceptable driving distance (5-50 miles, depending if you're in a big city or a rural area). Then play with the Interests. See if anyone qualifies. Finally, you can save that Custom Audience and start targeting it in Facebook's ad platform (facebook.com/ads).

Google AdWords Search might also be a good place for you to advertise.

If you're looking for free routes, you may want to make partnerships with businesses that touch your ideal customer. For instance, is there a car wash shop that can hold your products and sell them?

I've also had a lot of success with Facebook pages giving away a product every time there are 1000 new Likes.

If you want to subscribe to my free email series on how I help businesses break the 7-and-8 figure barrier, you can sign up at caseystanton.com

Anonymous User

Hi there,

I have been helping local businesses get found for their main keywords in local searches. The advice I would offer is to set up your Google Business page and set the distance your business covers. This is very important. Post keyword rich content on your website - I would use keywords for areas you are covering and also the main keywords you are targeting.

It is very important to do your keyword research to ensure there is enough traffic for the products your are selling, I used https://kwfinder.com to ensure that the keywords bring a good amount of traffic for local business.

If you can purchase a local domain that would also help. I'm working with a client within the London area who only wants to target customers in London, so he purchased the domain www.printingservices.london this will help with searches within the London area. I would suggest you go for a location based domain from where you are based rather than a .com domain.

Another client I'm working with is an imprinted concrete company who is based in Bexley, which is also in the UK. I have set up their Google Business page so that they would cover a 15 mile distance from their office. I have used keyword rich content and set the site up so there are plenty of "calls to action" and the client is getting very good rewards. If you like to see what I have done for them, please check out there site www.multiprintdriveways.com. My client already had the .com address so I had to work with this as the domain was much older and had better trust with Google due to its age.

You must also ensure you have the correct page titles and descriptions for each page and that you have submitted your sitemap to Google.

If you would like any more tips or advice please let me know and I would be happy to help you out.

All the best,


Anonymous User

Hi Serge,
Since you mentioned that you will be selling locally, I'd suggest you to focus on Local SEO to improve your ranking on Google's Local Search results. First thing first, create a local SEO strategy, do some keyword research so you can rank high with local search terms and there are tons of guide on local SEO topic which you can follow and implement on your website.


Get your business registered on Google My Business. Also SEO optimize your brand bages, not your product pages. I'd also make sure to work with your web developer to prevent index bloat

Since you are focusing locally. Get your business registered with Google Business and list your product. This will help you attract large customers online.
Setup some keywords and optimize your products for local searches.
With FaceBook and Instagram promotion, target the desired audience limited to your region. This will not only help you expand, but will fetch you some good results.



I am working with big and small size corporates from a long time now. Getting more traffic and getting noticed will surely take time. This is not a nights jobs. You have to be constant on your marketing activities which will make a mark. Now the important thing after sales service which is getting parked in most of the companies.



To get traffic on site, one has to build roads get them depicted on maps and tell people about route and site. i.e. you have a website you have facebook pages etc. etc. But, how people will learn about this? I suggest you to spend on social media marketing and offer some incentive to initial customers; this will help you expanding domain of your business from existing local level. This is not an expensive affair.

I can help you with social media marketing and other options available, my expert will advise you accordingly.


Use direct mail.

All of the latest research and published data from the DMA shows that direct mail (EDDM or Mailing List) drives more sales transactions than every digital channel combined.

For independent, brick and mortar businesses, it's best to take the battle for new customers offline and reach prospective customers directly via print advertising with a strong offer.

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