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What is a good digital marketing strategy for a service-based domain?

I have been searching many places online for a good digital marketing strategy for my service-based domain. But I still can't access the best one.

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Community around the result offered. Do you have a service that delivers life-altering results? If so, you likely have a community opportunity that can be built. I'd go where your target market *you'll need to know your exact target market* already is... social media and then build a community (a Facebook group for example) around the desired result or mission. For example, my basketball company was named Freak Athletics... but instead of naming a FB group, Freak Athletics, I chose "I Love Basketball"... and in doing so - with a name that is clear to the viewer, polarizing the correct audience without question.


The first step to market your service-based business is doing a keyword research to get to know what keywords are best for you to advertise your business on a certain search engine or social media with a lower CPC and not so many competitors on that keywords.

Then, do search engine marketing, especially in off page and on page SEO to generate a long-run traffic generation to your website. And you should then build a social media audience for your business where your customers can review your business and get in touch with you easier. From these two efforts, you can get subscribers in the niche market.

Then, when your business is running well, join an affiliate network to get publishers or internet marketers who want to sell your service through their sites, social media, or email marketing automation to existing subscribers.


I would suggest knowing your target audience - needs, pain, challenges, expectations, and where they are likely to be present is the best strategy.

When we talk about digital marketing the first point is marketing. As you know in the digital world you need to provide better than others. Then customers can visit or engage on your site. For achieving this we need to plan out all things like how to better promote, how to make brand awareness. And then we need to select a target audience and analyze all the competitors. After doing all this task, we can perform better for the service based domain. We also have a website https://www.promoocodes.com/ for which we are doing digital marketing. You can also visit the site for ideas and check out how we optimize the website.


For the service based industry just keep highlighting your services via Social, SEO, and PPC. The key to success for any company initializing its digital marketing is to keep an eye on competitors portals and try to gain natural links as much as possible. The future of SEO will not be meta data, it would be intent on your content which Google AI algorithm will understand and provide accurate results to users.

If you can share your industry or portal, we can even look and provide more accurate replies.

Wuxiaworld, as I can see your portal is about Chinese fiction or cinema. What is your target location and are you looking for Google or Baidu?

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