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How do I create a website (for free) that showcases music?

I want to help out my cousin who is a singer and musician create a website that has samples of her work. I know that WordPress doesn't allow for video or audio uploads. Do you have any suggestions on what would be a good way to create it for her? Thanks!

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Hi Liz,
You are wrong, wordpress allow anything.
You simply need to install the right plugin to upload audio and video.
Take a look here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ and search for "video upload"

Ahhh, thank you!

Ahhh, thank you!

One thing to keep in mind is that "WordPress" does not refer to just one thing. There's the self-hosted WordPress.org, which is what Rémy is referring to, and there's WordPress.com, which I suspect is what Liz has in mind.
There are a lot of articles discussing the pros and cons of each, so I won't go into that, but here's a nice quick reference: http://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/self-hosted-wordpress-org-vs-free-wordpress-com-infograph/?display=wide

Ok, I see the difference. I made mine at the .com site. Was that a mistake?

I've been told wordpress is better than wix, but wix might work better for the audio uploads for her. I'll probably end up doing it that way. It's really just needs to a portfolio site, nothing fancy. Just a starting point that she can show potential clients her work without sending them to a social site.

Anonymous User

Also take a look at www.soundcloud.com it might be a way to go.

Anonymous User

I'm going to give you an option of giving you another option. Wordpress, as Remy said, does allow uploads. The other option is to learn HTML/CSS and build a site yourself.

What I would expand upon here is your requirement to build one for free. Wordpress and HTML do require an actual website so you'll need a domain name and hosting which do both cost money. A Wordpress hosted site i.e. mysite.wordpress.com will not allow you to upload unless you upgrade to a premium membership option.


You may also want to look into using Tumblr. It's very flexible and has an active creative community associated with it. There are lovely custom themes for little or no money.

Word of advice: keep the site as simple as possible - and if your cousin plays gigs, be sure to feature them prominently on the home page - along with MP3 downloads of the her songs. Also - don't launch a web presence for her until you have at least one two good quality photos. Photos are key. Not saying to go hire a professional photog necessarliy, but make sure you put up something good - even if taken with an iPhone.


Be careful with soundcloud.com. They took the recordings from a friend of mine and wanted to charge him to get them back, so it isn't completely free.

MySpace is a good start for musicians, it originally was for everyone until FaceBook came about. MySpace is great for music.

I have a lot of friends who post their music on Youtube. not copy written material, and post this on their FB and twitter. I have done this being a musician and it can get some great play if you do it right.

Anonymous User

Can you explain how they "took" the recordings?

A good friend of mine uses Sound cloud so he can share his shows on his website. Last month, they pulled his recorded radio shows and blocked him until he paid for them. His show airs around the country on internet radio. He didn't pay them and now no linger uses them.

Anonymous User

Hm, as far as I know soundcloud has a fair use policy and gives 120 minutes for free. Did he overuse the free account? If he is a professional user and wants a professional platform then he is expected to pay for professional use. AFAIK soundcloud is not financed by advertisements, they dont put an ad before you get to hear the song like youtube, vevo and others do.

I am in no way affiliated with soundcloud, I use it as a free account user to share some of my recordings and it works perfectly. The good thing about soundcloud is that if you have original music it is the perfect place to share. They have excellent support for social networks and whoever wants to promote your music can easily share.

And if you are a pro $9 a month is peanuts for all they offer (unlimited storage, unlimited streaming). I would mind if the price was $99 a month. but its cheaper than one pizza.

Link to the prices and features: https://soundcloud.com/pro?ref=t099

Anonymous User

Hi Liz,
There are many examples at this time of successful artists that have posted video's on YouTube. The advantage is that YouTube can attain many viewers quickly, where a website will not bring much attention until there is significant and very unique notice first. Good idea to do both. Can't beat live performance video though.


Dear Liz:

Just as the pictures are often very useful to show something together, sequentially or in some kind of order, as we can do in WordPress but with videos. Thanks to a plugin we can add a video gallery in the sidebar, or even add it to a page or post via a shortcode. It's Youtube Channel Gallery. This plugin is great and free. We just have to get it, install it and activate it as all WordPress plugins. To personalize going to Appearance / Widgets. Drag it to the area you want and can start configuring. In the next image, we dragged the sidebar. You can check my web site pisodoce in the right sidebar I used Youtube Channel Gallery.

Best Regards

Juan Luis Ortega H.
Designer with a major in Visual Communication
Bachelor of Design & Advertising
Web Design / E-learning / Multimedia / Print / Advertising Photography


WordPress is a good choice. With the right plugins, it will work great. The only caveat to WordPress is that if you use their free site (yoursite.wordpress.com) they don't allow hosted video or audio. If you buy a domain name or host on GoDaddy or something similar you can add audio and video.
Good luck!

Sure Donald, Your website server has to allow hosted video or audio. Godaddy is a good choice!

Anonymous User

I go with my favourite answer: try wix.com
It's template based and all you need to do is fill in the blanks, upload your own pictures and videos and it's completely free.
You can link to social media sites and you can add keywords.

It's a great and easy way to start off with. Upgrading (once your cousin wants to) is easy enough and doesn't cost a fortune. He can have a free wix domain such as yourname.wix.com or your own domain if you upgrade to one of their packages.

The only thing you can't do is add an online store. However you can add stand alone products such as MP3's, or CD's or DVD's and sell them through the site by adding a Paypal button to the product.
Everything is customisable and easy to use.

That's just my preferred option. Not everybody likes it but you can even build a template completely from scratch without anything on it if you don't like the templates that they provide.

It's a start. Good luck

Anonymous User

You can add an online store but for that to work you would need to pay the right package. You can build and post the website completely free if you chose to do so. It only has some adverts on the sides and bottom from wix. But they are actually not disturbing. Upgrading is easy and you only have to upgrade if you really want to have your own domain connected (and depending on the space you may need). Worth a try.


If you want to build her an individual website, wix.com or weebly.com might be the best free options.

Soundcloud, however, allows for a lot of very convenient features and remarkably easy downloading. It also integrates well into a lot of different platforms. Soundcloud's also a great tool for promotion as there's a social network aspect built in.

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