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How do I ensure my first book is a grand seller?

Im writing a book for the first time in my life and I am hopeful of getting it on the Stands and book stores.

What I'd like to know is, how do I make sure the world knows about it, and how do I price it for a Hard Copy and a Soft Copy, who do I partner with etc.

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Congratulations on writing your first book! I can't speak to pricing as I have not personally written a book, but I would check out competitors to get a feel for what they are doing.

As for creating buzz surrounding your book, it all depends on what sort of budget you have. If you have a large budget, you can hire a PR firm to write/distribute press releases to reputable news sources. Assuming that you don't have $10,000/month, the best way to do this is through a strong online presence.

1. Know who your audience is (who will buy your book?) & know what social media sites they're on. Make sure that whatever sites they're on, you're on too. The best piece of advice I have once you're on a social network is to "be social, don't do social." Essentially, create authentic communication and get people excited- buying "likes" won't do anything to get users excited for your book!

2. Blog. More importantly, make it interesting. I would personally take your readers on a journey with your process, introduce them/get them to sympathize with your story ahead of time. Also, google/search mosaicHUB for bloggers that are already in the publishing industry and see if you can guest blog for them or get mentioned on their blog in exchange for something else. The more connections you can make, the more people will know about your book.

3. Speak at relevant events. I'm not sure what your book is about, but because you are writing it, you must also know that there are people out there interested in the topic. If you're writing a book about fitness motivation, look on Meetup or similar websites for events surrounding that area of interest. Most moderators are happy to have new speakers!

Thanks a Bunch Kimberly. This sure helps. Since you mentioned Blog, I was curiously wondering what I coul write about my "Upcoming Book" & what is OK and NOT ok to write in a Blog et all.

Is there a link to a Blog that you know of that was in the same stage I'm in at this time that I could refer to, and position my Blog accordingly?

Great question, Kamlesh, but unfortunately there is no straightforward answer. It all depends who you want your audience to be and what you want to accomplish. Do you want potential readers to check out your blog or other authors? Do you want to post to get people excited for your book or do you want to look like a thought leader in your industry?


I'll start from the second question, you can't set the price without evaluating many factors, starting from your audience, similar books prices and for sure the cost. if you had those factors data gathered you can easily set the average price to put. It depends totally on publishing industry in the country/ies targeted by your book, so the variety of price ranges must be took in consideration.

About the first part, you can never grant a book to be a best seller, that's a risk point and no business is risk free and sure publishing business is one of them, but there're to many tools to help you improve selling starting by social media campaigns, blog posts, and some reviews in credible media outlets.. and this for sure can't be granted unless the content itself is deserving, because marketing content (online/offline) is under the same rule -Marketing is The King-.
Congratulations and Good Luck!


I would recommend the book Ape: How to Publish a Book by Guy Kawasaki. He has published several books over the years and will help you understand how to publish and market your book to become successful. I personally don't think your book needs to be on a shelf to become successful, many bookstores aren't doing well anyways. I also suggest looking into self publishing if you can to save money and be in control of the entire process.

As a person writing a book myself I do think that it is a hard decision to make and there are a lot of options. Pick whatever fits your time and budget. I hope the book by Guy K. will help and good luck.

You can never go wrong with Guy K!

Thanks Joseph. Since you seem to be a writer as well, Is there a link to a Blog that you could recommend me to look at, say an Article or some write up of someone that was in the same stage I'm now (trying to create excitement about my upcoming "First Book")?

Read and watch the videos at http://apethebook.com/ and click on the link on this page for a free kindle version if you haven't signed up yet: https://plus.google.com/+MikeElgan/posts/gqnysrAjYB2 and here is a good article to read: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226908


You can publish it yourself on say Amazon as an ebook and work by sending it to book reviewers and people who are influential on social media. That takes a lot of hard work and luck.

The other option is getting a big publishing house to buy it and promote it.

Both take great luck and perseverance. The best solution is writing a book that is so good it sells itself.

Good luck


I've helped many authors asking the same questions. This is what I've learned form many years in the business.

Answer to 1: If you wrote a NOVEL, you will likely go with a print-on-demand service (POD) for a softcover book in very low quantities. They can make your book available on a list that goes to bookstores, but it not likely that a first time indie author ends up with a best seller or a book on bookstore shelves. We never see well bound hardcover books.

If you wrote a book containing COLOR, let's say a full color children's book, cookbook, or photography book, I would urge you to have it professionally printed on press. (We can help ... www.starprintbrokers.com.) Wipe a moist finger across POD outputs and the text will smear. That won't happen with a book printed on press. The only way toner won't smear is to seal it with varnish, but that adds to the cost too.

If you get a short run this is printed on press with a POD place, we can likely give you twice as many high-quality books for the same or similar cost. We only print high-quality overseas and in the USA, and at a low unit cost.

Some POD places offer limited marketing, but a small publisher will spend only so much on marketing, particularly for a new author. Frequently they tell the author that YOU need to blog, work on Social Media content, send out press releases, have a website, promote the website, etc. Since you have to do much of this yourself anyway, why not control the revenue and increase profit by printing the book too? Then use Amazon to sell the books. Be aware that they want to sell at a deep discount plus, they take a cut. But in return, you potentially are found when people are searching for books for your search terms.

Answer 2: If you follow the advice above, check out a bookstore and also books online at Amazon. Find similar books / genre to your book. Look for similar page count, print quality, binding, and any book embellishments. Note their retail cost. It can always be found in the top of the bar code on the back cover. Most bookstores require a cost in the bar code. Be sure to verify the copyright or printed date on the copyright page. You don't want to have similar pricing as a book printed years before. That same book would cost more if printed today. Price your book on the higher side, allowing for a deep sale discount, and any other fees. I think Amazon charges about 15 percent, and you do the fulfillment. The sale cost to the buyer should be in line with other similar books, but not so high as to price yourself out of a sale.

Hardcover: print on press, but not at a print on demand place.

Softcover: POD is okay for a very short run, but unit costs, or other add-on fees are usually high and add to the cost to produce.

I hope that gives you some useful information! Best of luck!


Hi Kamlesh,
we are a small indie publishing and marketing company.
We use proven strategies that have, so far, got every one of our authors to #1.

Here's the thing. You don't write books to make money. You write books to create credibility for you, your products or services and then you set up systems to capture the names and email addresses of those that buy your book and follow up with them automatically.

I hope this helps,



First, you need a unique, attention-getting title. Both reviewers and the public need to be tantalized. Second, if possible, tie your publicity in to something current that is on everybody's mind. Third, affiliate with a company or an organization related to your book and get them to promote it to their members/followers. Fourth, be prepared with line extensions--the book should be the centerpiece of a growing product line.


firstly this is probably not going to happen as their are 1 million authors with the same idea

secoundly you should have done your homework and simple checking at any bookstore of your genre would give you an indication of selling price

To ask such questions means you are totally unprepared and their are hundreds of web sites giving authros sound advice about evrything from manuscripts to publishers

Not to sound ike I am trying to burst your bubble but go and do some research publishing is hard expensive and time consuming. The amount of authors selling even famous ones is in the thousands of copies so even they have a hard time with finacial success

it is a tough very competitive environment and you do not even know if the manusrot will be accepted yet..

again go and do homework and lots of it and be prepared it is a ard struggle and not very easy at all


Kamlesh, I am going to add that any product or service that you bring to market, you should have already built up a buzz, crowd, discussion, excitement. No matter if be a book or homemade salsa from your mama. =)

You should have a twitter account, face book, get involved with Google + and let all those that are authors in your particular genre, you are doing so. They can give a preface, a short critique, they can become your google, yahoo and face book.

Books are used to get you and your message across. Just look at any substantial presidential candidates or politicians in general. There are not guarantees or ensures in life, except death, taxes and more taxes etc.

I wish you great success!


If you're aiming for a bestseller and asking helped for that you're already doing this for the wrong reasons and show yourself to be a bit naive, and it probably won't be a best seller unless its one of those fortunate but grubby sham jobs that people regret buying after exaggerated hype and advertising. And if the book is really bad after spending whatever it costs these days, they may want to get hold of you and shoot you for it! So write from your heart first and if its something that resonates with people it will sell.

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