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How do I find a business consultant that has experience in developing and nurturing strategic partnerships?

We are a small but growing Chicago-based retail consulting company. We are interested in finding a business consultant who has developed and cultivated strategic partnerships that resulted in new income streams for both partners.

Extensive searching online has yielded very few candidates. Hopefully, in the Business.com community, someone has some recommendations.


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Hi Yohan,

I own a separate umbrella company called Authentic You Media which has the arms, Authentic You Publishing, Authentic You TV, Authentic You Academy, Authentic You PR & Marketing.

Having lived and built my empire in La La Land for the past 5 years (Los Angeles), it is THE city for networking. That's really all anyone does here because they're all looking for that big break, find that one right person who can get them there. As a result, there are trendy restaurants and event venues/parties galore to accommodate these networkers on their mission.

I built my own empire on a shoestring budget, to begin with, and relied heavily on strategic partnerships (interdependence) to further my career. It's essentially a form of bartering but it boils down to one thing when approaching people and businesses: What can you do for me?

If you have something fabulous to offer them that will significantly enhance their life or business, you've got a golden ticket. Brand and Platform are everything. The way you look on "paper" is of the utmost importance. A company, brand, celebrity figure, might not want to partner with you, despite your dangling carrot reward, simply because they don't want your brand associated with their brand.

We should chat further. Message me and we'll schedule a time to talk about all this stuff :)

In the meantime, here's a link to my media kit which includes my bio, et al:


Michelle Arbeau
#1 Celebrity Numerologist in the World, 2-Time Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker
CEO, Authentic You Media
Featured Columnist, Face/Brand of http://www.LotteryUSA.com
Talent Agent: tammy@thenatomagroup.com
Literary Agent: Italia@ghliterary.com
Publicist: kats@llewellyn.com

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