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Where can I start looking for suppliers?

I have a local online store, www.otloubnow.com and I am looking for a supplier that will distinguish me from my competitors by offering new and innovative items in my store.

Can you please tell me where can I find such a supplier and how do I start looking?

Thank you.

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I would suggest looking for a supplier that will give you an edge on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is probably one of the most under utilized social media platforms and is great for networking.

Anonymous User

Alibaba is a very good suggestion. Another option is to find items you like on websites like ETSY and contact the makers of the products you like.


It depends on your location and what products you are going to sell. If importing goods isn't a problem for you, I suggest you get suppliers from Alibaba. Most of Alibaba supplier members are from China and they provide good products with competitive price.


Try www.alibaba.com.


You need to find suppliers within your area to generate sales from your business.


To find suppliers for your business, you can take help from various directories that are online domestic or overseas directories as per your business requirements. Approach them through email and ask your queries.


Keep a lookout on social media platforms - even pay to run some FB ads and see if you can find suppliers that way for your business.

Industrial Roofing Newcastle

Anonymous User

Hi Serge, you could try typing "web designers near me" into Google, see which businesses come up and choose three of the best that have positive reviews. That's what I did and some built me: https://www.leicester-handyman.co.uk.

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