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How do I find sales agents & distributors for my business?

I have an FRP Dome Shelters manufacturing company and I am looking for distributors from each country who can sell my product.

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There are two different ways to approach finding good distributors and finding qualified independent sales agents. For independent reps I suggest utilizing MANA, www.manaonline.org, an organization that has helped manufacturers and independent reps find each other for years. They publish a magazine and have an on line process for searching for reps or for principals. Once you have a good rep you can query the reps principals on who they use in other territories. I always asked my best reps who else they represented and then had a discussion with their principal about who they used in the territory I planned to enter. For distributors I would follow a dual approach. Start with a purchased list of distributors and then do a round of phone qualification to see who fits your market. In some cases calling manufacturers with similar channels to get advice from them is also a good idea. Be sure to start both searches with a description of your requirements. We have taught classes on managing reps and would be happy to give you additional advice if needed. Note, outside of the US it is not uncommon for one manufacture to rep another in a foreign country. That is not as common in the U.S.



Use internet to find similar product distributors/ sellers from target country region. Contact them with details and advantages of your product.

Participate in exhibitions/ events, this very important to introduce your product in market.



You can find your sales agent by advertising on the field and just start online add $1 Hosting I think you find your answer.

Yes, it is not easy to choose any product.


Mobile app development company are hired by big brands fluper to either develop an application to bridge the gap between the buyers and sellers. Else, develop apps that cater the internal processes. Also, to stay abreast of the changing technology, businesses are entering the mobile app development field gradually.

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