How do I find top rated product review bloggers who are also Amazon affiliates?

We have clients who are on Amazon and are looking towards the blogger community to test products and hopefully recommend them to their audience, that in return purchase the products on Amazon giving an affiliate referral fee back to the blogger.

There are plenty of websites out there that showcase bloggers but was wondering if there was a specific one that also mentions which bloggers have an affiliate program with Amazon.

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You could try using an outreach tool like Buzzsumo to find influencers for various niches.

As for Amazon affiliates, you could try the AmazonAssociates page:

Of you can try these groups:

If you'll be looking for these people as an ongoing need, I would suggest creating a targeted Facebook campaign that focuses on the exact people you are looking for(product review bloggers who are also Amazon affiliates). You can create ads for people that are in the groups I mentioned above, create a landing page to capture their details and then follow up as needed.

You could also post your request on Reddit too in Affiliate marketing and blogging subreddits.


You can try Amazon reviews!

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