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How do I find a salesperson who works on commission?

I'm trying to set up a news site on research news and I want sponsors or advertisers but only have content to show for it. I'm not finding it easy to find those who work on commission even though those who I've managed to somehow reach, tell me the content seems fine. I've set up the site but, funding pending, have not set up a company. Would that be a problem? The site is meant to educate and feed intellectual curiosity so there are no products to push besides that. Any help would be welcome.

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I think it is better to find a business partner who can manage sales and marketing, set-up a company and give him a share. You should have a business plan for this.

All the best!


I do have a business plan and and am more than willing to work with a business partner. But journalists of a certain type often don't have those connections, ergo the hunt.

Would work with any marketing/sales partner who is trustworthy/ethical and who understands the need for journalistic integrity.

Thank you, Sreejith, for the suggestion. Will keep the hunt going.



Interesting question! I run a hyperlocal news site myself and I totally understand your concern about finding someone to do sales whilst keeping the fund outflow low. But there is no straightforward answer to it, because, people who work on commissions usually work with high value products such as real estate or antiques or such.

I would recommend that you try the following revenue models:
1. Additional services such as a online directory or a niche directory where businesses pay for visibility by listing them selves. Or a events section where they can appear on top or even sponsor a category on your news site. For example, a computer shop could sponsor your tech/gadget section.
2. Use patreon.com to setup a campaign for your hardcore followers. They get to support you while giving you the ability to create ethical, valuable content.
3. Ad services - Websites like buysellads allow you to list your website and gain sponsors to your website. This can generate revenue much higher than what wider networks like Adsense can do.
4. Offline partnerships - If you cater to a local market, you can speak to local SEO marketers/agencies who can sell ads on your behalf. If your site is popular, it can be a win-win for both of you. Think about businesses who can gain value out of your advertising services, then target other agencies who cater to these businesses and can sell for you.

It is a exciting to work on such revenue models while ensuring that your journalistic freedom is not curtailed. :) good luck!

Will be checking on these, too. Thank you. Everyone has been really helpful. I just hope I can carry through.


First study business model of your competitors.

I think you need not go for sales/ commission agent. first launch your web site and app then you can utilize online marketing concepts.

Online marketing is not very expensive, it helps you to convince probable investors about sustainability of your business concept.



Try to find her/him at https://www.upwork.com/

I tried doing that, but they don't permit a commission-based that I could see. I don't want to select per hour and find that I've violated some rules. I have a good reputation in journalism, and want no confusion when I deal with partners in sales. Is there any way around that you know? If so, could certainly go with that.

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