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How do I attract funding or investors for my company?

I have already started a company and done a bit of marketing. I have been able to attract good business, but to move any product I need cash flow which I don't have. The company can also do services but it may take time to organize a training and pull in sponsors for it. I also feel investors would be able to give a different perspective on things and bring ideas to table.

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Hi Joy,

I am the Community Manager for Business.com. This recent article published by the Business.com team may be helpful in answering your question: Is Your Startup Ready for an Angel Investor?

When deciding whether to invest or not, an investor will evaluate the business to see if it has the following:

1. A disruptive innovation
2. Shared risk
3. A business that can scale
4. A realistic business plan
5. Signs of success
6. A strong team of founders

If your business doesn't meet the expectations of one of the six areas above, an investor may decide the risk to invest is too high.

I think you are right to consider investors for new ideas or feedback on your current business model, as many investor relationships will come from people you connect well with or already know. It is important to remember that once you accept funding from an outside investor, their ideas and feedback become more than just ideas and feedback when they are contributing cash flow to the business. Many small business owners will look for silent partners, for this reason, to avoid the interruption in their daily business operations. As you prepare to approach investors with the help of the Business.com guide above, you can decide which type of investor works best for you.

Hope this helps get you started and good luck!

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