How do I get more people to sign up for a company email list?

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In one word?

Ok. . . more than one word.

Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust."
~ Zig Ziglar

Resonate your value to others and the world is yours. Price is only an issue in the absence of value.

"Values are critical guides for making decisions. When in doubt, they cut through the fog like a beacon in the night."
~Robert Townsend

Mike Fesler

Mike, great answer! Value comes in lots of flavors and is only decided by the beholder (buyer). Make it a point to add value with every interaction to increase credibility and improve trust. Another way to enrich your prospect interactions is to "Touch Lives." Connect with them on an emotional level. Make them smile. Solve a problem.


I have been working on SEO a lot lately and what I understand is the best way to get people to sign up aside from a landing page is to offer something such as an ebook so you are able to gather information about your visitor.



Think about offering an incentive (aka a compelling value proposition). That could take many forms. You may even play (experiment) to figure out what works best.

Hope this helps! Alan Adler

Thanks for the help!


What is your clients...biggest dream come true? What problem can you solve for them? Prepare a video training series using screen cast or screen flow with great content in exchange for signing up and giving you their email.
Best of Luck,

Thanks Rich. That's a great idea. I'll look into it!


If you have a landing page where you're collecting email addresses, check out launchrock, or try to create a simple yet alluring landing page that piques interest but doesn't reveal all.

Thanks Ali! I'm going to look into Optimizepress for landing pages first. Then I'll check out launchrock.


Sarah, it should always provide something for them. Information, ideas, savings, some reason for them to get the newsletter. People also want to know you care. And that you are knowledgable in your field. If they see these features, and it is entertaining (or at least not boring), they look forward to it, and getting something out of it. Keep it current, informative, and valuable. I always ask for feedback and suggestions from my readers. And they really like to get involved, and I give them credit for their input. Hope this helps. Dan Royce.


You can make a landing site. Having an engaging video on it helps. If you have a minimal budget and can DIY, check out my quora comments on how to DIY a video:


Have your web master set a give away such as a free ebook that relates to your business and give it to people after they sign in with their name and email address.
"Give us your name and email address and receive your free ebook on time management" This will generate a lot of interest and increase the size of your list for basically little or no cost as these giveaways are readily available on the internet.


Hi Sarah, I woud suggest you focus on creating and maintaining excellent relationships with your existing Clients. Those will most likely get you referral business, and more will know of you. Building these relationships and having your own database/mailing list takes time and requires going the extra mile with every single one of them. Give them the attention they need, offer personalized services and they will see the value in working with you. Best of luck!


This is the most open-hearted and insightful discussion I've seen on a marketing topic recently. Respect!


We provide a variety of different informational pieces targeted at each of the different reasons that prospects would search for what we do. We have more than one way that someone will end up on the list. If you take a look at our website it becomes pretty apparent where people sign up for different information . In the end they ALL end up on the email list! - Dino Eliadis


Make sure your website has plenty of pertinant infor for your TA with teaser sections where a link can be opened to offer specific information and a simple section to fill in email details to get this information. Make sure it is no obligation initially and over time as your email list grows tailored offers to build your business can be added. As well If you can afford it do some SEO work to get your key business activities higher up search engine lists so your opportunity pool will be larger and your hit rate will improve over time as well.


Offer something really useful and on point as an ethical bride. You'll exchange your valuable thing for their email. I recently discovered smore, a landing page creator that looks cool. Currently I use Optimizepress for landing and sales pages; it's super easy to setup, use and customize. Good luck, Sarah!

Thanks Dina. I'll look into Optimizepress today. Thank you so much for your help!


It's got to be a win/win for both your company and the subscriber. You're getting something valuable and so should they. For example, I see your email sign up on your website. It's "below the fold" and there's no offer attached to it. As a subscriber, what do I get? If it's just news about your company that's kind of boring. If it's a 5-step guide on how I can accelerate the growth of my new company by doing certain things maybe I'm interested. Get it?

I hope this helps to get your creativity flowing. LMK if you need some ideas.


Definitely give something away. But not junk. It has to be something they want. Something that solves a problem related to what you sell. If you ask yourself; what is the most problematic part of our business that our customers fear the most? It could be the sales process (think car buying) or trust (investments) then create a white paper with a great title and give it away requiring email sign up. Example: Mutual Fund Investment Strategies:
Which ones work and which ones are guaranteed
To Drain your Savings,
Jeopardize your Retirement and Squash your Quest
For Financial Independence.
Download our free guide so you know how to tell the difference.
Haha, both hilarious and effective.


Gary, you hit the nail on the head for a great answer to this question.

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