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How can I fund a patent without exposing the business idea?

I have developed a new innovative product, it is completed after several months of redesigning and engineering. I have several prototypes finished, along with a marketing plan and business plan. However, I have exhausted all my finances to get it to this stage and don't have the funds for the patent. My financial credit and funds are limited. How can I fund the patent without exposing the idea?

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Anonymous User

Firstly congratulations on getting this far, you have really achieved an awful lot and with your determination you will find a way. There is always the risk that someone is going to take your idea but its really not as common as you think mainly because its not that easy. The work you have already placed in the process is not going to be easy to replicate and neither is your insight and total understanding of the product. There are many people out there who want to invest and this may be a good idea for you, although potentially you don't want to give any profits away, they could help you achieve quicker by funding the patent. Another idea would be to get a loan, I am not sure what your financial situation is but if you really want to do this alone, securing a loan if you are able to do so means you can get whats needed done.

You also have to understand that people that you potentially see as threats because they may take your idea probably haven't got the funds to either but those that are in a position to help you with funding are not interested in taking your idea, however what they are interested in is being part of something exciting. If we want to go forward and succeed, we sometimes have to make scary decisions and that can be hard, I wish you good luck and hope I haven't confused you even more.

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