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How do I get started with running my own webinars?

I am thinking of offering a few webinars, but I am not sure how to get started. What technology is best to use and are there tips to making them successful, such as the best way to capture emails and ways to follow up post webinar. Thank you.

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Hi Tom,

I've been looking into this question for my own business, so I can share what I've discovered so far:

While GoToWebinar http://www.gotomeeting.com/webinar has been the de facto platform for a number of years, it requires that you download and install the application, which my Mac has not been able to do, even when the computer was new. I spent hours on the phone with Citrix (their parent co.) and Apple techs, to no avail. It's also pricey.

I'm leaning towards Webinarjam http://www.webinarjam.com/welcome/ which is a lot more affordable, offers greater ease of use, and more features than either GoToWebinar or Google Hangouts. Their Home page compares the features of these 3 webinar platforms.

In terms of email capture, I think both WebinarJam and GoToWebinar provide analytics that show who attended so you can follow up.

Hope this is useful!

Thanks Amara for sharing your research. I haven't heard of Webinarjam. I am going to check it out. Thanks again.


Hi Tom,

There are so many tools to manage your own webinars. Google+ hangouts is free but there's a limit on its usage. Skype is also free, but like Google+ hangouts, the features are limited.

But here's some tools with cool features that may be suitable for the type of webinar you will offer (with charges):

1. Webinars OnAir
2. GoToWebinar
3.Cisco WebEx
4. Adobe Connect
5. ClickWebinar
6. omNovia
7. iLinc

You can sign up for their free trials (but some doesn't have) and know their differences. Know which one can satisfy you in terms of performance and features. You can also search for tutorials on the web. As of now, to be successful on your webinar, you can start from simple by using free tools. You can advance to the next level if you are ready and earned some good experiences. Take an easy step to reach the top.

What a great list. I definitely plan on starting simple. Thanks for the helpful references.

You're welcome.

Anonymous User

Hi Tom,

good to hear you're venturing into the world of webinars.

Webinar tools:
There are a lot of tools to use for this (both free and paid), however, I would recommend you focus primarily on the content you want to deliver. That is where success lies. The ones listed by others on this thread are good ones you can try (I don't need to relist them).

Here's something to note: you may use the best webinar tool out there, but if your content does not resonate with your target audience, then it'll end up being a wasted venture.

These days you can even automate your webinars to play while you're away, and still have good results.

Email capture & follow up:
You need to create an account with an email marketing platform (e.g. mailchimp), and link it with the webinar platform you choose.

Craft pre-webinar messages to prep registrants up for the webinar. Then also craft post webinar emails, which will focus primarily on invalidating any objections attendees may have raised during the webinar.

Bonus strategy:
Create a lead magnet (e.g. a free report), and give it away in exchange for names and email addresses. Then invite these people to your upcoming webinar (note: the lead magnet has to be in line with the subject of the webinar, so that way you don't get people confused).

What you need achieve this process are...
- A good lead magnet
- Well structured landing page
- A good email marketing tool
- Compelling headline(s) and body text
- Targeted traffic

There's a strategy behind successful webinars; it's one of the key funnel systems I teach my clients and also help them setup.

If you are open to different ideas around how to solve any issues regarding webinars, then drop me a quick note and maybe we can chat a bit.

All the best,


Great advice on focusing on content. I know it all starts with having great content, but good reminder. Sometimes we get so catch up in the tech that we forget that.


here are your options for tools to host webinars and resources

1. Meetup.com (setting up meet up)
2. Zoom.us
3. Skype conference calls when using Meetups

try these out,
Capturing emails, there are various ways, but look at some of these tools to consider them


good luck

Thanks LE. I thought Meetup.com was more of a networking website. Can you run webinars on meetup?

its more like a coordinating service and scheduling, where the actual tool to conduct meetings is Skype or Zoom...You use more than one tool when doing a meeting. Like Outlook Calendar + Phone conference...2 tools


I have attended the webinar of SEO earlier. It was executed via Google Hangout.

Simple, but likely quite effective. Thanks.


Tom: If you are looking to do live webinars, WebinarJam is a great choice for a small business. If you are looking to do hybrid webinars (part live/part recorded or totally pre-recorded), I recommend EverWebinar (by the same people as WebinarJam - Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime). I like EverWebinar because you can avoid all the technical difficulties of running a live webinar while still being able to engage with your attendees if you so choose. If not, you can schedule it and it will run by itself and simulate a live webinar. Plus over 50% of webinar attendees actually watch the replay rather then attend live so you are actually catering to the on-demand crowd by going in this direction. And both products provide analytics to understand your attendees behavior. You will need to setup an AWS account to host the webinar files but Amazon's servers ensure that the streaming quality will be great.

Hope this helps.


Another idea to capture email to build your database is to create a Google Form to ask people register for your webinar. Once registered, you'll send them the link info with date and time of the webinar or include that information in the "Thanks for registering" response and then you'll send out a reminder email. Of course most of the platforms listed have some sort of platform to capture this information.

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