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How do I get user reviews for a website?

What is the best way to get user reviews for a newly launched business coaching website?

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What is the purpose of the review? To tell you how people will react to it, or to see if it is fit for your market?

If it is general reactions then there are testing sites like "Usertesting" that you can check out. (but they will not be your target unless you pay for the tests)

There is also testing services that you can put on your site called "heatmapping" that tell you where people are clicking or getting lost on the site. Some even offer popups that allow you to survey your prospects to see if the site didn't meet their need.

And don't forget google analytics. This can tell you a lot about your site, what is working where people are leaving the site, and if they are following a flow through your pages.

If you want to check to see if it is a fit for your market, then you can ask anyone for feedback, but make sure to consider if they are your ideal client, and not someone that will not pay for your services.

So it really depends on what specific information you are looking for on this site.


Reach out directly and ask for them.

Make it easy. Possibly by offering some suggestions about what they could say.

One of my favorite techniques is to get on the phone or Skype and record a brief interview where I ask questions about what they thought of the experience. Then I transcribe the call and pull out testimonial quotes from the interview.


What you don't ask for you simply don't get - true. If you have the contact details for the folk who's opinion you are seeking do as Mike suggests and reach out with some specific questions targeting exactly what you want to discover. Pop-up visitor questionnaires are generally annoying intrusions drawing negative feedback if any at all.
If you are seeking testimonials to publish on-line develop a questionnaire with a series of queries designed to prompt meaningful and relevant responses, rather than the nebulousness "love your work."


Something to consider before you go ahead is that some people will give you a bad review "mainly your competition". Big corporations to it to each other trying to get people to hate a certain brand/product and it also works that way for small businesses.

Anonymous User

Ask for them from people you have already coached.
Also consider Case Studies - Who, what, where, when, results/outcome; highlighting any issues to overcome - like working out of normal business hours etc.

Offer an incentive, for example a product or service from your company.


Hi Shubhada,

Have you launched the portal as MVP model to get User feedback and suggestions, which is one of the general software practices to get User Feedback /suggestion before going full blown live

If that is the scenario, please start targeting 100-200 user registration process and get their feedback and reviews around the complete application ecosystem and business module and in turn also monitor the User Activity at your end

In this way you will benefit getting nice reviews and feedback from to get the application functionality rechecked

I have already worked on similar MVP model for one of the World's leading consulting group


Whenever we wrap up a project with a client, we request a project debriefing meeting. We record these meetings and we ask questions like, "how did you enjoy working with us?", "how did we meet your expectations?", we also ask questions that give us an indication of whether we need to improve things. At the end of the meeting, we have the recording transcribed and we select several quotes from the conversation and we ask the client if we can use those quotes as testimonials. In the cases where we do not have debrief meetings, we will simply ask for recommendations. If you do not ask, you cannot receive.


Great answers. Thank you all for your help. The client could get user reviews through a massive social media campaign.


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Anonymous User

Cherry pick a few satisfied customers and offer a rebate for a review.

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