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How do I grow my business as a holistic health practitioner?

I am looking to grow my business as a holistic health practitioner. I first became an RN because I want to help people get/stay well. Through my experience I saw that the medical field is good for acute situations but not chronic, so I became an HHP. My question is how to let others know what I do and get clients. I did read other suggestions and I'm familiar with the advice: go where you'll find your target market, determine what makes you different from competitors, etc. My target market would be those with some sort of illness: allergies, pain, emotional imbalance, fatigue, etc. How would I go to a place where my target market would be and offer my services? Those events are usually held already in an attempt for the person in need to gain information. I wouldn't go as an attendee. One thing that sets me apart is that I really try to "show" my clients... for example, I am currently working with a client struggling with weight issues and food choices, each visit I have good food choices available while we meet/discuss. My favorite to work with are client's struggling with anxiety or depression. I like that because the client learns so much about their body and what each organ/gland is responsible for. Many with anxiety are on an anti-anxiety med but really their adrenal gland is probably out of balance (adrenal gland secretes cortisol in time of stress). Thanks in advance for any input!

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In order to properly target your customers, you should define the demographics that integrate with the products and services that you offer. In your case, this would be holistic healing. The rapidly aging population and the large cohort of the Boomer generation in, or entering, retirement would be a prime target market. Therefore your location should be dictated by a large percentage of 60+ individuals in a geographical area that is reasonably close to your place of business - within easy access by car or public transport, with suitable parking. This age bracket is more prone to seek alternative healing for their health needs. Many people relocate to more southern areas and this would be a good place to do more research on the exact demographic breakdown of specific towns and municipalities. The local chamber of commerce or municipal development departments should be able to provide the necessary statistical data.

But why limit your business to one location. The kind of services that you offer is highly suitable for an online business that can overcome the limitations of a brick and mortar establishment. In today's environment, you will need to advertise your services on the internet, through a website that focuses on SEO and SMO basics. This will attract customers in the local market and also greatly increase your market reach. It also allows you to demonstrate your expertise by writing interesting blogs on alternative healing. With skillful website strategies, it should be possible for you to monetize the services that you offer - like charging an hourly fee for customized consultations.

The following article on e-commerce should be helpful to you - https://www.gsmbizsystem.com/e-commerce/shoestring/budget/


Well, clearly you are very experienced. But to start a business to practice holistic health med, first, you need to ask all your clients in what way can you help them. Ask a software development company to build a website and app for you. This will surely give you the platform to grow.


Are your services in person or can they be done remotely? This would drive how much 'local' marketing you do vs online marketing.
Regardless, having a website, company blog, and web presence (whether it be webinars, Youtube videos, or Facebook live) help new clients get to know you before they buy.
You could also find a coach who can help you through the process.
Full disclosure I do know both of these marketers personally: https://introvertedvisionary.com/ or http://wellpreneuronline.com/.

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