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How do I import Home Depot purchase receipts in QuickBooks?

I do remolding and help real estate investors buy almost every other day at Home Depot. Then we go back to the office and hire someone part time to enter each receipt with the client's property name. He makes so many mistakes and I have to spend time checking the work. Anyway, then we bill them for the material. I was looking into getting QuickBooks online. So I am looking for something that can bring or import receipts.

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I would suggest using Hubdoc. They are reasonably priced and you can set it up to automatically sync with QuickBooks Online. They also have a great phone app to make it easy to upload receipts from anywhere.

You can find more information at www.hubdoc.com

Lauretta Taylor
TALL Orders Canadian Bookkeeping Services


Using Expensify you can export your credit cards or/and bank account receipts to QBO, already categorized by project and GL account with the receipts scanned and attached into your accounting software. Contact us for further assistance (info@cpasoutsource.com)

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