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How do I increase foot traffic to my brick and mortar retail store?

My biggest marketing challenge is getting people through the door. Once they're here, my store and I make a good impression. But we have to get them here first and I'm struggling. The store is located in an up-and-coming uptown area, but I can't rely on walk-by traffic alone, so I really need ideas to make my store a destination for shoppers.

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1. You need to fix your website. I tried going to your website via the link in your profile and got an error message. Your website is going to be critical since consumers are window shopping in the store and purchasing via online.

2. You have to realize that 85% of your patrons will come to the store within a 5 mile radius of your location. So location-based mobile marketing is going to be a huge component to your success. Feed messages to current and prospective customers to their smart device when they are within that 5 mile radius of your store.

3. You need signage on the store entrance and throughout promoting the posting of the patron being at your store to their social media outlets and yours. Offer them an incentive to post.

4. Have you done any public relations? If not, reach out to the local newspaper's business editor to have a piece written about your business.

5. Network in the women organizations and chamber in the area.

6. Work with the other stores in the area to develop co-op marketing. This way you can cost share. You could ask them to send an email to their patron list offering a bonus or discount if their patrons visit both your and their businesses.

7. Get yourself a subscription to Retail Touchpoints magazine. They have incredible research available.

8. Educate yourself on omnichannel retailing and marketing. Consumers want a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a bricks and mortar store.


Well .. Noelle, there are many ways that you can do that .. let me list some for you.

- Create a Facebook page for your business, make sure you have all the information on service hours, location and lot of your products. once the page is up, post information on your products, share images, videos, experiences - always showcase yourself and your brand, and don't forget to invite friends and family to like your business page.

- If you have a website and you want to increase local traffic, say so in your website, incentivize your posible clients with coupons and offers only valid if they go to your retail location (ex. a printable coupon) .. and share it in Facebook.

- Join "Buying and Selling" groups in facebook, look for local groups that will share information in an specific city, town or state; this way, it will generate an extra presence in social media channels and always use #' (hashtags) for all your posts.

- Create a newsletter or email list. Names and phone numbers of past clients and future ones, keep a notebook or a sheet of paper on top of your counter for your current walk ins to sign up for future offers, events or discounts

Now for the more regular marketing approach ...- Flyers and Brochures , make them engaging and offer a value for it, (same with the printable coupon for social media) if you create a nice 4x6 flyer, make sure there is something that triggers the attention of the potential client.

- If you have a retail store, jump outside the box and do events at your location, like
showcases of products, in-store product try-out, samplings.. something that will get you to talk face to face with your potential clients.(use FB to create the event and manage invitations)

- Contact a charity organization and think of ways your products can benefit their cause, offer a small portion of your profits to the organization or a larger discount to members/supporters of said charity, this will for sure increase walk ins.


Hi Noelle,

I second what @Jeff said. At least the link you provided in your profile on MosaicHUB is not correct. It is http://pursenality.boutiquewindow.com/ or just http://pursenalityofmarion.com which redirects to your products.

Your website is the very foundation of your business. You can advertise, tell people about your products, fly a hot air balloon across town with your business name on it. People will visit your website FIRST.

It looks like you have great products, but the site you have is brandless. There is no feeling created by visiting that site except "nice purses".

I would highly recommend getting a website built. This gives you the opportunity to target an audience. The style, feel, images used...they all contribute to your brand and defining who your audience is.

Your website should be consistent with your store decor, colors, style. You are trying to create a universal brand experience. People remember that.

Next you work on getting people in the store. @Jhon hit on some great points here.

You want to start by telling people about your business and sending them TO YOUR SITE. If they buy there, awesome! It's a sale. Not only that, you have their email address. Create an email list that is active. Let people know what you are doing. Let them know what IN STORE sales are running. This will help get people into the store.

Hold an event. Get some wine, some party platters and let people know you are having a little gathering at the store from 6-7:30. Build this up though, otherwise it WILL be a flop. You have to hype it up. Make people think if they don't attend, they are missing out.

Next is social media. Be engaging. Be real. When you get something new in, take a photo and put it on Facebook. Tell them it is just in and you haven't even put it on the website yet. If anyone loves it, come by today before you put it on the website.

@Jhon also has a good idea with the charity events. There is a brewery/bar here in town that works with 1 non-profit a month. The best part about this relationship is they have 1 beer on tap that gives $2 of all sales to the non profit that month. The non-profit markets the hell out of the fundraising drive through email and social media because they need the money.

Start at the foundation. The place where people will ALWAYS go first (unless they walk by). Start at the website. If the website looks great, works well, and converts visitors into buyers, you are ahead of the game. Next focus on email lists, then social media. Then get special events and non-profit partnerships set up.

Good luck!


Well, looks like you need a bit of everything. You don't have a website, social media, or online presence. Work on reviews and reputation or your business. Network with your community to get you name out and more people talking about you. Let me know if you need more information.


Dear Noelle,

Since this is about a 'Retail Store' in 'Brick and Mortar', targeting the vicinity should be the priority over the virtual marketing through web, I believe. For that there are 3 major BTL activities should be planned as it is BTL interaction that gives you the ability to tailor your message in a more personal manner to the audience. Consider doing -
1. Distributing attractive and informative Pamphlet / Handout around your store.
2. Publish Classified in local media - Newspaper, Radio-TV Network, Yellow Pages.
3. Put up Lollipop Road Signs / Hoardings at proper places leading to your store.


Hi Noelle,

There were lots of things to be discussed regarding to drive traffic for your shop. From your statement i came to know you are targeting your local business area. So make sure you have presence in social media. And run ads for your shop through adwords express. If you own a website then you can also run ads through adwords and social media. By running ads for your store helps user to find out your store easily and quickly. All the best.


In-Store Events - local celebrity meet-ups, book signings, coffee/wine tastings, featured artists, local musicians, etc.

Sponsor local events - volunteer to help with local events in exchange for being able to promote, or see about low-cost involvement as a sponsor

Bring-a-friend discounts


Hello Noelle, bridging digital to conventional bricks and mortar is your solution. Realize low cost conversion to digital and online brand presence to internet search buyers who are and will be your largest customer audience segment. Engage the Global Coupon Digital Brand Marketing, Advertising, and Online Media platform for targeted and intelligent customer engagement to B2C & B2B web/tablet/mobile geo-located and targeted audiences for long term brand resonance, social media integration, display advertising to current and future sell-to markets, dominate categories by region etc. Support social impact, and if so inclined, become Business affiliates of the platform to create new revenue streams for your businesses, while engaging the platform for your products, services, and professional services.


Do crazy cool stuff that is aligned with your brand's purpose. Repeat until success chases you with pants down.


You attract foot visitors into your business when such is advertised on the electronic and print media. Person to person connection via word of mouth, pasting adverts in motor or bus parks, giving out cards that drect people to what you do.

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