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How can I increase keyword rankings for my website?

My keyword Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental is on 5th page and is fluctuating every time i.e. sometimes decreasing and sometimes increasing. What should be the solution? Plz help.

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Hi Pavan,

Ranking fluctuation is a natural Search Engine process. It shows you have a neck to neck fight for that particular keyword. You must keep watch competitors link building strategy and backlinks. Perform organic link building on regular basis and keep sharing your page on social media platforms.

Hope it will help.



Hi Pavan,

These are some points for your knowledge.

> Create a Responsive Site

> Check For Broken Links

> You should focus more on quality rather than quantity.

> Creating a content piece that would compel your readers to link back to you for reference.

> Outreach, brand mention by top influencers

> Optimize your keyword, Meta & content properly (don't do keyword stuffing)

> Post Your Site/Content in Top Reviews Site

> Participate in Forums & Q/A Sites

For more insights, please check out my blog "Top 30 SEO Tips & Tricks – How to Rank High on Google in 2017". Please read here: https://www.templatemonster.com/blog/top-30-seo-tips-tricks-rank-high-google-2017/

Thanks Henny , in recent time i also launching my website. This points probably help me to get in google.

Anonymous User


You should make website SEO and user friendly and implement all on page SEO techniques and need to work on content part and develop high quality links for the webpage or website.

Check your competitors, what they are doing and what kind and amount of content they are offering on the page, review their on page as well as off page work.

I hope this will help you.

Thank You,


Focus on developing a keyword strategy based on what's most relevant to your business. Once you've identified your main keywords, start optimizing your site (meta data, content, URLs, interlinking, alt tags, etc.) around those keywords.

Your website structure is also very important. Use auditing software to identify any issues/errors so that you can correct them little by little.

Lastly, link building is still very essential. The only difference between now and 10 years ago is that search engines care about HOW you get your back links. Focus on developing great content for your site and other partners.


Hi, there...

You can also try multiple keywords to build a stronger online presence. Try breaking the one you use up into parts or adding to it.
If Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental is your keywords, use only Equipment Rental, Simultaneous Equipment Rental, Top Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental, or other variations.

Good luck with your ranking :-)


First of all, you should make your website user-friendly, SEO Friendly and mobile friendly. These 3 friends help you to rank your website.

There are some other criteria also to keep in mind to rank:

Do On page SEO and include all task related to on page to make your site SEO-friendly.
On page Include:

- Create Unique Title Tag for each of your pages
- Create Meta Description which makes you different from others.
- Apply Canonical tag on each and every page to get rid of content duplication.
- Give ALT tag to your images
- Make sure your website loads faster then your competitor because if your website doesn't load within 3 seconds, the user move onto another site
- Check broken link and apply custom 404 page which includes ( Related Read to other pages of your site )
- Create XML, KML and HTML sitemap

If possible then create one blog tab on your site and update it twice in the month.

Now, Its time to do Off-Page SEO:
- Local Business Listing
-Social Bookmarking
- Guest post ( Blog )
- Blog Or Article Submission

Create your profile on social media channels to Drive more traffic ( Update Social channel on daily basis. )

Make backlinks on relevant high authority sites.
Hope These tips will help to achieve your goal.


This checklist might be helpful for you Click onsite seo checklist


Yes, you can increase your rankings. You've focus on quality content first, then on page SEO and after then Off Page SEO. Off page is actually backlink building.

You might like this resource: Improve your ranking


Online shop owners make searches like “how to improve the rank of my eCommerce website” and “how Google ranks eCommerce store websites” because establishing a new online shopping website amongst already established brands is nothing less than a challenge.

For more information kindly read: http://www.fatbit.com/fab/better-rank-online-store-google-seo-case-study/


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