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How can I best market my business in order to get clients?

I want to start up a small outsourcing business aiming at recruiting employees of small and medium businesses. I am a graduate in Human Resource Management and I have the concept and all the knowledge required. I still fear starting my own business because I'm afraid I won't get clients. Please advise me on how I can best market my business to attract clients.

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Your target audience has a need - manpower of certain criteria, skills etc. Next, you have to figure out where such talent will be available - colleges, agency, etc. Next, you now become the bridge between the talent available and the firm that needs this talent. For this, you receive some compensation. Right? That's your business to start with.

Start small, start confidently and grow your business.

Thank you.


start off with good old fashioned networking through personal contacts if you can. Then a website and google PPC is a great way to get the ball rolling. I know it may seem obvious these days but many people do not take care of the basics when starting their business.


I would definitely go with Tom's advice here first and start with networking! It's going to be your best way to gain attention and feel out the landscape. Some other ideas I have is to join and attend your local chamber of commerce meetings and again network with other local business owners. If you start there and help them you now build a good way to get reviews and referrals.

Since you have such vast knowledge in the HR management department you can also start a blog and use that blog to drive content and leads to your website. You'll have to create one but that is pretty easy these days even for someone who has no idea what to do. I'd say, network, create a website with blog content and have a lead form to collect potential customer data.

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