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How do I pick the right Warehouse Management (WMS)?

Hi all,

Currently, I'm looking for a warehouse management software/system for an organization. One that allows us to manage multiple warehouse locations and especially to keep track of what inventory is in each warehouse.

Anyone can suggest a good solution for us?

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Liana, there are a number of factors that go into deciding the correct WMS solution. You need to look at things like back office solution (for integration), capability requirements, type of platform (Cloud or on premise), budget, etc. There are a number of solutions in the space with a wide range of capability like Oracle WMS, Red Prairie, SAP and these are typically the big ones. The next tier have other great options but if you lay out your requirements based on the large buckets mentioned above, it should help you narrow on the right solution for your particular parameters.


You can try Contalog, is a cloud-based warehouse management software hosted on Amazon cloud.

Warehouse Management: Multiple warehouses can be managed via Contalog with centralization of warehouse information. Warehouse specific stock storage and audits can be performed.

Stocks can be shared between warehouses and adjustments can be done as well. Stocks will be updated in real time as and when products get shipped.

Highlighted Features:

1. Warehouse specific stock allocation and order fulfillment
2. Barcode information and bin location to quickly locate products
3. Stock transfer & stock adjustment to avoid stock-out condition
4. Create sales order for customers
5. Generate customer report and notifications and much more

Check it out : https://www.contalog.com/warehouse-management-software.php



In the market, there are many adequate Warehouse Management systems. In order to choose the right one for your company I advice:

1.- Define the most important operations the Warehouse systems will handle such as:
-Single or multiple warehouse locations
-Handle transfers between them
-Products will leave the warehouse for sales or for demos
-You will keep track of the unit cost your items will have
-Keep track of imported and local purchases
-Will handle expiration dates
-Will have the capacity to join 2 or more items to sell as a Combo.
Etc. etc.

2.- Once you have defined the most important characteristics you do need from the systems, ask the different systems suppliers to quote.

2.- My advise is not to buy the systems, rent it. Cost wise is better. Also the owner of the systems will keep improving the system, and you will always have the latest version.

3.- The system must work in "The Cloud" which allows you to use it from anywhere in the world.

4. Usually a warehouse management system does not work alone. It is connected to a Purchasing, sales, and production systems. Make sure that the working platforms for all of the systems are compatible.

Best regards

Ing. Juan Retamozo


Liana, going deeper into what Juan said... having executed business solution scoping discoveries for decades, I highly recommend you position his below recommended functions of the software, into a Day in the Life from a user's perspective, to ensure any recommendation meets your need before time, money and resources are spent on its evaluation.

What are the top questions, processes, workflows the solution needs to provide?
What are the reporting, metrics and analytics?
What are standard best practice functionality, and then what may be custom to your business?

Even put together a detailed listing of specific user requirements that you the use to evaluate multiple solutions against - scoring the priority of function to the readiness/availability of the solution having that feature.

I would caution to provide such a high level requirement, as you will get a lot of proposed solutions that don't meet your needs.


Hello Liana,

The appropriate direction you would want to take is have a business analyst to find out your functional and non functional requirements for each location.

Things you want to take into consideration before using an Off-The-Shelf Software solution is included in the following:
Size of Inventory
Location of the Warehouses (Local, National, Global)
Reporting Requirements
Management Requirements
GUI - User Interface Requirements
Number of Users
and much more details would be needed.

The reason why you want to consider an analysis is because you want to look at future growth and if the software / system will be able to handle what you have and what you may run into in the future. You also want to obtain the expected outcome you are trying to achieve with a Return of Investment into the solution.

Hoping you all the best.


Hello Liana,

Not sure if you already picked one, there's a lot of WMS out there for you to choose from. I'm the kinda DIY guy so I tested a few systems that worked for my business model.

I fund that they all have standard features like FIFO, labeling, etc. The main consideration for me in picking my system was a simple dashboard, reachable support, and easy return and exchange management. The later was crucial for me.

You may want to check this out - emergeapp.net/features/warehouse-management-software/

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