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How do I squeeze more business out of an existing customer?

I have already built strong relationships with the client base for my yoga studio. I want to launch a health and wellness program through the studio for an additional price. Instead of looking for new customers, how do I go back to my existing customers and sell to them first?

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Before you start talking to your current customers about a new offering, spend some time talking to your existing clients. Share with them your ideas, and find out what benefits if any, they would recognize from what your are considering. Don't rush to offering something new until you have some background on the problem it may solve for those wishing to consume your new services.
Many times businesses rush to offer something new without considering the problem it will solve or benefits it will offer. It is always easier to sell something people want vs. convincing you have something they need.


Michellyn since they are current customers you don't need to sell them (or squeeze more from them); you already have them. Educate them on the new offerings and provide them a taste of what you are doing. Consider offering them a charter or founders rate and in turn engage them as ambassadors to further sell your new services.

Hear, Hear well said

Anonymous User

Hi Michellyn,

In order to market to your services to your existing customers, you may wish to answer the following;

1. Did you develop these services to meet the changing needs or increasing demands of those customers?
2. Did you consult with them and what value do they place on the new services?
3. Can you offer these additional services without compromising other services?

If any or all of the above applies, you may organise a launch party or event and invite them to sample the new services. Take advantage of their custom and offer them a discount as loyal customers with further discounts for those that introduce new customers (who will of course, pay the full price).

Hope this helps and feel free to connect I can be of further help.

Good luck


Which customers have been the most impressed by your service already? Do any of your regulars talk about your studio to their friends? I would personally start by continually impressing the regulars, perhaps offering discounts for a certain time period or to certain qualified customers.


You should always be touching your clients, i.e. email blast, blog post, even snail mail. This helps when you have a new offering. If you haven't been touching them already you should start simply. Gather emails (call if you need to get them) and start a monthly newsletter. This is an easy (and inexpensive) medium to announce new offerings. I would then follow up with a phone call after to see if you can schedule a short meeting to explain your offerings in more detail. Good luck.

Anonymous User

You already got great advice here.
I know from my experiences that health and wellness programs work well together with your yoga studio.
for start you should build programs together with your current customers so you will have great targeted offering.

And yes as many of others suggested build lists and communicate to current clients about news. Maybe start loyalty program - you can find great tools on the net (check this out http://upcity.com/blog/top-20-loyalty-reward-apps-for-small-businesses/ )!

Hope this helps! You can reach to me for more support!

Hope you have great success,


Hi, you received great advice on this post. Have you thought of asking your clients for referrals on LinkedIn or asking for leads. Don't be shy! Flat out ask for leads in every email and phone call.


It is easy and simple using five steps in marketing process.


Ask your clients what they like/dislike and would like more of, including additional services/facilities.

Unless you think your Steve Jobs - ask you customers.


It's a proven fact that it is much more cost effective to keep and grow an existing customer than to search for a new one. The secret to success in any business is service married with worthwhile incentives that "delight" customers. Additionally, it's about marketing - owning share of mind. You need to present the value of your health and wellness program before you offer it as a complimentary benefit of membership. When you do, you have to position it as a "savings" for existing members, or as part of an ongoing program of enhancements for their ultimate well being. You have to establish your studio as the ultimate "go to" place for their health and happiness.

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