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Anonymous User

How do I understand the way my competitors think of our industry?

We're a web design and digital marketing company. We are a startup and our main competitor is an established company. Other companies are just oligopoly i.e. average companies with not many benefits to the customer, in addition to that, just a copy and paste website template. Anyway... the strongest player in the field is the one that my question is about.

What systems/software/experts are they using that helps them be so accurate in the industry and so desired by customers? The products that they produce are very complete and I can't add or manipulate the features or the concept of it to offer a better product. Maybe I am wrong but mentally I'm involved and I haven't found the way out of this, yet.

For example, they produced an SMS panel: any SMS panel in the world is just about SMS itself, you can send and receive SMS in various ways.

This company has professional VOIP. They have various SMS features. They have e-Fax. It has mass multimedia sender for advertising purposes. And they produce it in a way that shows that they have studied the entire field and then produced the product. So, when they announce that they are going to launch product X, customers are waiting for them to see what is their next great product. People are sure the haven't-made-yet product will be great.

And when they launch the product, it's the dominant right from the first days... so how can other companies like us compete with these kinds of companies?

What systems/software/people should I have so I'll be able to be just like that or even better in our field?

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