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How do you deliver excellent customer service in your business?

Looking for advice from people who serve people well. Customer service is something that ensures our customers hang out, continue to buy from us, and keep coming back.

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My company provides managed IT services to other businesses, so we put a lot of focus on being available to our clients not only for technical support but for advice and support on how they can further their businesses. We are one of the only companies in our area that do not require a minimum contract, making it even more important for us to prove each and every month that we are the company to work with. I think overall that customers want to be treated with respect, appreciation, and sincerity.


Most people complain about customer service when that can't get a human on the telephone. Often times they just want a simple question answered. We have found that using a live phone answering service to take calls 24/7 is extremely helpful. You can learn about the cost and solutions at https://priceithere.com/answering-service-prices/. Communication is critical to delivering excellent customer service. Not only can an answering service help with communications, but it also makes sure you never miss a potential new customer. Bottom line, be there when your customers needs you. Even when you can't be there, someone can be. I hope that helps.


Excellent customer service creates loyal customers for life; customers who are willing to refer your business to friends, family and colleagues. Providing this type of excellent customer service starts with a genuine desire to delight your customers, but you also have to think beyond selling your products or services. You need to consider the cumulative experience your customers have when they visit your store or website, what they think and feel, and what you can do to make it better.

Here are nine ways you can learn more about your customers and start to create a pattern of excellent customer service in your small business.

1 Know Your Product or Service
2 Be Friendly
3 Say Thank You
4 Train Your Staff
5 Show Respect
6 Listen
7 Be Responsive
8 Ask for Feedback
9 Use Feedback You Receive

You can check our customers feedback here https://www.solutionanalysts.com/testimonials/


Hi Denise,

I want to start off with a quick story. I had an amazing experience with an Amazon Prime Now associate a couple of weeks ago. I thanked her so much for her time and excellent customer service. I asked for her name and called back to speak with a supervisor. After a lengthy wait, a supervisor came on the line. Right away, you could tell he was expecting the usual blasting of complaints and groans, etc. However, I began to reiterate my recent fantastic interaction with this particular associate I had dealt with during the order process. When I had finished sharing my wonderful experience, there was silence for a LONG 3-5 seconds. When the supervisor finally spoke, he was stammering and wasn't sure how to respond to me! He was so pleased and surprised and promised that not only would the associate hear what I said but her supervisor as well (and would be in her permanent file).

We're always so eager to complain but rarely do we make the extra effort to give credit where credit is due. One of the reasons I was compelled to do this for that particular associate was one main reason: She treated me as an equal and genuinely wanted to help me, not just because it was her job, but because she truly cared.

My advice about delivering superb customer service in your business? Authenticity in everything you do. That doesn't mean the old rule of "The customer is always right" either. It means treating people as you would treat yourself. That's the secret recipe ingredient that will have your client list booming with loyal, happy customers - every time. The one hang-up? It's got to be genuine and not come across as a "performance." People can smell insincerity like dogs can smell fear.

Simple strategy but it's the silver bullet in both business and life in general.

Michelle Arbeau
#1 Celebrity Numerologist in the World, 2-Time Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker
CEO, Authentic You Media
Featured Columnist, Face/Brand of http://www.LotteryUSA.com
Ph: 323-252-5169
Talent Agent: tammy@thenatomagroup.com
Literary Agent: Italia@ghliterary.com
Publicist: kats@llewellyn.com


In this competitive world of business where there is little to almost no product differentiation, an excellent customer service experience is the one thing that can set one business apart from the rest. It has been one of the biggest challenges of business owners to provide excellent service that will put their companies above the rest because they know that regardless of the low prices or of the promos they regularly throw, it is good customer experience that will give them repeat customers and potential new ones. From my own experience the best ideas for every business can be ones which are always connected with current customers' demands and fast responding for them.
Good, professional planning is a very important thing as also the project management which is a basis for effective general work process and separate works of your stuff. In this case I as a director too think that inventory management systems http://www.meadewillis.com/
are one of the best in this case, they're so helpful in controlling all
processees and parts in chain supplies, this always makes any business more effective. It's simple, managing your work and products for making
it gives you money as a result and also such systems are nice in case of motivation for stuff and coordinating our workers too.


Professionals focuses on improving user experience by investing in modern technologies and innovative systems. Our goal is to satisfy customer needs by providing useful information with a high-level of customer service. With a comprehensive collection of biggest database at hand, our customers can easily protect themselves while staying informed.
When you own a company with customer service support that is one of the inportant things you should take care. This people make a contact with your clients and they must remain satisfied



I think that it depends on the web site and e-shop where are you going to make shopping or to purchase some other things. I just started to use Magento 2 for my electronic shop, mostly https://amasty.com/seo-toolkit-for-magento-2.html where are a lot of interesting options.



Customer service is everything. They need to satisfy with our work. Same as like a freelancer in satisfies a client in freelance marketplace


There is a saying in my local dialect "that customer is always right". One of the fundamental thing to note is you should understand your clients.
In my organization, i conducted a work study from services our customer get and discovered that time is of value. Customers want to serviced in correspondence to time. To give them service beyond their imagination.
The next thing is packaging. How do you package your services/products? This has to do with mode of service delivery.
Another notable point is customer relationship. Do you call to check up on your customers and ask how was the last service they receive, How was the product they just got serving them? If it is a loyal customer you havent seen or heard from for a long time, you can call to check up on them. You can send messages sometimes just to appreciate them or messages during new month, festive seasons etc.
Thanks and i hope you find this resource useful


These are our 12 Laws of Customer Service -
Before we begin, be sure to know who is the boss. You are in business to service the needs of customers, and you can only do that if you know what it is your customers want. When you truly listen to your customers, they let you know what they want and how you can provide them good service. Never forget that the customer pays your salary and makes your job possible.

1. Be a Good Listener
Take the time to identify customer needs by asking questions and concentrating on what the customer is really saying. Listen to their words, the tone of voice, body language, and most importantly, how they feel. Beware of making assumptions - thinking you intuitively know what the customer wants. Do you know what three things are most important to your customer? Effective listening and undivided attention are particularly important on the showroom floor where there is a great danger of preoccupation - looking around to see to whom else we could be selling to.

2. Identify and Anticipate Needs
Customers don't buy products or services. They buy good feelings and solutions to problems. Most customer needs are emotional rather than logical. The more you know your customers, the better you become at anticipating their needs. Communicate regularly so that you are aware of problems or upcoming needs.

3. Make Customers Feel Important and Appreciated
Treat them as individuals. Always use their name and find ways to compliment them, but be sincere. People value sincerity. It creates good feeling and trust. Think about ways to generate good feelings about doing business with you. Customers are very sensitive and know whether or not you really care about them. Thank them every time you get a chance.

4. Body Language Is Key
On the show floor be sure that your body language conveys sincerity. Your words and actions should be congruent.

5. Understanding Is Crucial
Help customers understand your systems. Your organization may have the world's best systems for getting things done, but if customers don't understand them, they can get confused, impatient and angry. Take time to explain how your systems work and how they simplify transactions. Be careful that your systems don't reduce the human element of your organization.

6. Appreciate the Power of "Yes"
Always look for ways to help your customers. When they have a request (as long as it is reasonable) tell them that you can do it. Figure out how afterward. Look for ways to make doing business with you easy. Always do what you say you are going to do.

7. Know How to Apologize
When something goes wrong, apologize. It's easy and customers like it. The customer may not always be right, but the customer must always win. Deal with problems immediately and let customers know what you have done. Make it simple for customers to complain. Value their complaints. As much as we dislike it, it gives us an opportunity to improve. Even if customers are having a bad day, go out of your way to make them feel comfortable.

8. Give More Than Expected
Since the future of all companies lies in keeping customers happy, think of ways to elevate yourself above the competition. Consider the following:

9. What can you give customers that they cannot get elsewhere?
What can you do to follow-up and thank people even when they don't buy?
What can you give customers that is totally unexpected?

10. Get Regular Feedback
Encourage and welcome suggestions about how you could improve. There are several ways in which you can find out what customers think and feel about your services.

11. Listen carefully to what they say.
Check back regularly to see how things are going.
Provide a method that invites constructive criticism, comments, and suggestions.

12. Treat Employees Well
?Employees are your internal customers and need a regular dose of appreciation. Thank them and find ways to let them know how important they are. Treat your employees with respect and chances are they will have a higher regard for customers. Appreciation stems from the top. Treating customers and employees well is equally important.

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